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What is PKT in sports?

This is a key element in the compilation of absolutely all courses of androgenic anabolic drugs. Bodybuilders and trainers always pay the highest attention to how to increase testosterone after the course for the sake of preserving the results. In this area, the pharmacological preps for post-course therapy are of central importance.

What is extremely important for any course of anabolic steroids? The correct answer is post-course therapy (PKT). It is irrelevant how much kilogram of quality muscle you get, or how much fatty tissue you will lose. This will not be significant in case you can not save muscle, in other words, fix the result from steroids.

The so-called pullback after the course of taking anabolic is inherent in many drugs, the only method to reduce it – post-course therapy, as well as the corresponding rapid resumption of testosterone to a standard level.

A well-developed post-course therapy at the end of the cycle can minimize the recoil. Accurate therefore a variety of tablets After-treatment therapy enjoy a similar popularity, as well as anabolic drugs. This is the root factor of the right course.

Now it is not difficult to buy paratov for Post-course therapy. There is a whole list of sports pharmacology products that will allow the athlete to roll back after the course, as well as restore the normal hormonal background. These are Tamoxifen, Clomifen, Clenbuterol and Cialis.

Pharmacological preparations PKT – qualities and effects:

  • Recovery of testosterone;
  • Reducing the phenomenon of rollback;
  • Maintenance of the effect earned during the course;
  • Drain excess water;
  • Normalization of pressure;
  • Increased sexual desire;
  • Oppression of side effects, if they were during the course.


PKT: what is this? List of drugs

In case you ask “What is post-course therapy?” “, First of all, you need to go through the below list of drugs sports pharma and consult with our experts. Before the beginning of each course, you must unequivocally understand how to raise a male hormone after its termination. As it was said before, without reasonable post-course therapy you simply can not fix the result, accordingly any course loses its meaning.

Recovery after the course proceeds in many directions. Subsequently, stopping the use of steroid hormone testosterone, as well as the values ​​of androgens drop. Simultaneously, female hormones are taken to increase. A small level of male hormone leads to a noticeable loss of muscle mass, yet he is responsible for the possibility of increasing and further maintaining muscle volumes.

One of the most important tasks – to think about how to restore the synthesis of testosterone. For this issue, there is a specialized group of drugs – drugs to increase testosterone. Under this, there are supposed to be steep pharma preparations, for example tamoxifen.

Also it is necessary to stop catabolism, that irrespective of the amount of testosterone it will begin to destroy the muscle fibers. In addition, due attention should be paid to the resumption of sexual desire and well-being in general. Not to mention the training process, which subsequently the abolition of sports medicine drugs is much more difficult.

In order to solve all these problems, a full PCT is required. The template key list of pharmaceutical preparations contains Clenbuterol, Tamoxifen or Clomid (Clomifene), and from time to time Tadalafil (Aesculapius). PCT for the liver, as well as preps for the normalization of liver function – another issue of recovery.

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