Winstrol Oral is more effective than injectable

Winstrol Oral is more effective than injectable

Winstrol Oral is a trademark of the chemical stanozolol (dihydrotestosterone derivative). The preparation is an aqueous suspension of stanozololStanazolol is also available in oral form. Between oral and injectable stanozolol there is absolutely no difference – this is the same drug. So, if in your “first aid kit” there is an injection version of the steroid and you do not like frequent injections, you can easily drink the contents of the ampoules. Although with intramuscular injection, the effectiveness of stanozolol is still significantly higher.

The half-life of this anabolic is several hours. Such a short period of “half-life” is associated with the peculiarities of the pharmacokinetics of Winstrol Oral. As soon as the crystals of the active substance enter the blood and dissolve, the level of stanozolol in the blood rises at the rate of explosion and as Winstrol Oralquickly “decays”. Winstrol is not aromatized, therefore Winstrol Oral does not lead to accumulation of water in the body of the user and is an ideal preparation for preparation for competitions in BB. Stanozolol in its anabolic manifestations is much more vivid and active than in androgenic, although it is a close relative of dihydrotestosterone (the molecule of winstrol contains more benzol ring). Stanozolol is able to interact with androgen receptors at the microsomal level (ie, with androgen receptors located inside the “fragments” – microsomes, formed during cell division, often such receptors are called microsomal receptors (MP). Such adherence to MP fatty tissue can significantly enhance the lipolysis process. In combination with trenbolone, which also has pronounced fat-burning abilities, stanozolol is able to give an excellent effect.   

Application Winstrol Oral

For many years Winstrol Oral has been successfully used in various sports. Initially, representatives of “light” sports disciplines turned their attention to this unique medication. Stanozolol – the most common speaker among runners, swimmers, fighters and chess players. This is evidenced by the chronicle of doping testing. Over the past two decades, it was this anabolic, most often other steroids, found in doping tests. A huge number of athletes were convicted of using Winstrol and disqualified. 

Due to the positive result of the doping test for stanozolol, many athletes were Winstrol Oral deprived of ranks, regalia and won records, after which a further sports career was impossible. However, the risk that the athletes taking the stanozolol were justified by the amazing results and unimaginable effectiveness of this steroid. Stanaz for a very short time made the athlete stronger, faster and sturdier without a noticeable increase in weight. In the wake of athletes and chess players Winstrol interested in representatives of purely male sports … gradually Winstrol began to penetrate into bodybuilding, winning new fans among the rolls.

The main advantage of Winstrol Oral – the ability to build quality muscles without unnecessary water retention. Stannaz along with a low-carbohydrate diet and a properly selected training program is capable of making the muscle mass firmer, stiffer, embossed. The joint application of Winstrol with other non-aromatizing steroids (trenbolone, for example) transforms the shapeless body of bodybuilders Stanazololfattening in the off-season into the likeness of Apollo. A competent combination of stanozolol with other AAS helps athletes achieve the deepest relief and the ideal separation of muscles. Like other steroids, Winstrol is not only a designer and body builder, but a good helper in power progress and endurance work.

All of the above performance characteristics of stanozolol make it indispensable in pre-competitive training of bodybuilders. This anabolic helps to “keep” meat during Winstrol Oral the so-called “carbohydrate wells” and supports the body during exhausting workouts. The usual practice is the following scheme for preparing for the podium: two or three weeks before the competition, the diet is toughened to the maximum and all “oily” steroids are canceled, only the drugs that do not hold water at all remain in the bodybuilders pharmacoenal; vinstrol and, for example, oxandrolone.

As for the use of stanozolol in other power sports disciplines, this “soft” steroid is less common here. In powerlifting and weightlifting, Winstrol is rarely used and only in combination with testosterone. He is usually pricked by athletes who seek to increase their strengths and do not step into another weight category.

Side effects

Stanozolol is alkylated by 17-a, so it is, to some extent, toxic to the liver. This fact does not exhaust all the negative features of the drug for men – although stanozolol does not aromatize, it has a minimal, but negative impact on the prostate, can contribute to hair loss and acne (acne). It’s not a secret for anyone that Winstrol has a negative effect on joints, it dries joint fluid and ligaments. This very part leads to various injuries. This pobochku can be minimized, if in conjunction with Winstrol stabbing testosterone (propionate, for example). Testosterone “lubricates” the joints and, as it were, softens the intake of stanozolol. As before the course, I advise you to drink glucosamine + chondroitin.

advantage of Winstrol Oral

At the same time, the preparation very slightly suppresses the production of endogenous testosterone and does not lead to gynecomastia. Moreover, a number of Winstrol Oral researchers note in stanozolol the weak properties of the antiestrogen (the blocker of estrogen receptors).

Dosages Winstrol Oral

The usual practice is to inject 50-100 mg of stanozolol daily. Although serious athletes often take 300 mg of Winstrol daily. I want to draw your attention: injections need to be done daily, rather than two or three times a week as some “experts” recommend.

Combination with other drugs

On the mass testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, sustanon, nandrolone, oximetalone, methandienone / methandrostenolone, turinabol.

On dryingtestosterone propionate, boldenone, trenbolone, primobolan, masteron, oxandrolon.

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