Victor Conte was wrong about Shane Mosley steroids

Victor Conte was wrong about Shane Mosley steroids

A few weeks ago, information was released that the ex-world champion in three weight categories Shane Mosley steroids used dope during the preparation for the fight with Oscar de la Hoya , which took place in 2003. Moseley said that the drugs, which included recombinant doping EPO, supplied him Victor Contte, founder of the pharmaceutical company BALCO. However, he noted that he himself did not know that this drug is on the list of banned. In turn, Victor Conte said that Shane Mosley knew that he was buying drugs containing dope.

“I believe that the time has come for Shane Mosley steroids to answer for her false testimony that he did not know about the content of doping in the drugs he bought. Other athletes associated with BALCO who lied about the use of doping were disqualified or even received a prison sentence, “Conte USA Today quotes.

Victor Conte continues to accuse Shane Mosley steroids

shane mosley steroidsLast week, ex-world champion in three weight classes Shane Mosley steroids sued the founder of the pharmaceutical company BALCO Victor Conte for defaming his reputation, telling journalists that Moseley deliberately used prohibited steroid drugs before his revenge against Oscar De La Hoya in 2003. Moseley himself never denied the fact that he used the products of the company BALCO before the revenge, however, according to the boxer, Conte assured him that “all the recommended drugs are completely legal.”

 In a recent LA Times interview, Conte repeated his accusations again, stating that Moseley “knew accurately and reliably what he was doing” when he started using the new generation steroids under the names “the clear” and “the cream” As well as the stimulant “EPO” (erythropoietin). “I did not deceive him, he knew what he was taking, and I told him about this even before he started taking the drugs,” Conte said. “I told him that these are undetectable steroids that will not show up during a doping test.”

According to Comte, he has a calendar schedule for taking these drugs Shane Mosley steroids and intends to use it in court. Conte told reporters that Moseley was taking steroids from July 23 to August 31, 2003, and he accepted the EPO before September 8, 2003. Recall that Mosely’s fight against De La Hoya took place on September 13, 2003. However, Mosley’s lawyer Judd Bershtein is sure that Conte’s arguments will fall apart in court. “The calendar schedule does not mean anything. Shane did not know what he was taking, and it sounds completely believable for those who know Shane, “said Bershtein.

Shane Mosley Admits to Knowingly Using EPO in Lawsuit Against BALCO’s Victor Conte

Shane Mosley refused to prosecute Victor Comte

As reported, former world champion in three weight categories Shane Mosley steroids refused to continue the prosecution of the founder of the scandalous pharmaceutical company BALCO Victor Conte. Recall that in 2008, Moseley filed a lawsuit in which Buy Testosterone Cypionate he accused Conte of libel and demanded compensation for damages of $ 12 million. In 2003, Moseley used BALCO products, which included banned but not yet detectable erythropoietin and a synthetic steroid drug, and the boxer always claimed that Conte had misled him without telling them that they were not allowed to use them, but the pharmacist stated and continues to state , That Moseley deliberately acquired from him dope.

In 2004, Conte had already successfully avoided a lawsuit in the libel case against American runner Marion Jones, who claimed she had never used BALCO products. Jones claimed $ 25 million in compensation, but eventually confessed to using doping before the court and received six months in jail for this, avoiding with her admission a heavier allegation of perjury.

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