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40mg (10 pills) of Furosemide (Lasix) Geno

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Furosemide is a drug from the group of loop diuretics. Furosemide blocks the reabsorption of sodium and chlorine ions in the proximal and distal regions of the renal tubules, as well as the thick segment of the ascending part of the Gentle loop. The drug Furosemide has a pronounced diuretic, natriuretic and chlororetic action. Due to the increase in the release of sodium ions, a secondary enhanced water removal occurs and an increase in the secretion of potassium ions in the distal part of the renal tubule, and the excretion of calcium and magnesium ions also increases. The drug has an antihypertensive effect due to an increase in the excretion of sodium chloride and a decrease in the response of the smooth muscles of the vessels to vasoconstrictor effects, as well as a decrease in the volume of circulating blood.  refers to diuretic drugs.


Trade name: Lasix, Furon, Fursemide, Furosemide-Darnitsa, Furosemide-Vial, Furosemide Lannacher, Furosemide-Ferein


Mode of application

Assign inside, intramuscularly or intravenously. Inside take usually 40 mg once a day (in the morning). If necessary, the daily dose can be increased to 80-160 mg; In this case, the drug is taken 1-2 times per day. Day with an interval of 6 hours. In severe renal failure, the dose can be increased to 240-320 mg / day. After reducing swelling, the dose is gradually reduced to the minimum effective, and the intervals between doses are increased to 1-2 days. In hypertensive disease, furosemide is prescribed 20-40 mg once a day, when combined with heart failure. The dose can be increased to 80 mg.
If it is impossible or inexpedient to prescribe furosemide inside the drug is administered intramuscularly or intravenously (slowly struino) 20-60 mg 1-2 times a day, if necessary, the dose can be increased to 120 mg. The drug is administered for 7-10 days or more. Then they switch to taking the drug inside.


Indications for use:

A popular diuretic drug used for a long time in therapeutic, urological, surgical and other practices. It increases urinary output, which helps to remove swelling, normalize high blood pressure, eliminate toxins from poisoning, etc.


Furosemide is administered

  • If there is edema of different localization.
  • In the complex treatment of heart failure, accompanied by edematous syndrome.
  • With a sharp increase in blood pressure.
  • In the postoperative period – to eliminate pathological accumulations of fluid and normalize diuresis.
  • In other cases, when an emergency removal of excess fluid from the body is necessary.
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