Stanover 50 50mg (25 pills)


50mg (25 pills) of Stanozolol oral (Winstrol) Vermodje

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Stanover from Vermoje is a fairly well-known anabolic drug that is used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, athletes of power sports and not only. The active substance of the drug is stanozolol. Its anabolic activity is several times higher than that of testosterone, and the androgenic properties are less pronounced. The characteristic effect of the drug: an increase in strength, increase in muscle mass, increased muscle relief and dryness, stiffness of muscle mass. Athletes use this drug also during the drying of the body to burn fat and remove excess water from under the skin.

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How to take a Stanover

The optimal dosage of Stanover for men is 50-100 mg per day, however it may vary slightly depending on the athlete himself, body weight, fitness, goals, etc. Beginners  in this matter should better understand the selection of the dose as detailed as possible, do not risk your health and use at random the chosen dosage. The greatest effect of Stanover can be achieved if the athlete has a relatively low percentage of subcutaneous fat. If there are significant fat folds, it is better to start a little burn fat.



For the history of the drug’s existence, many opinions about it have accumulated. Many remember the champion in athletics, Ben Johnson, who achieved great victories with the help of stanozolol. If we believe the feedback on our Forum, Stanover (Vermodje) is popular among athletes as a way of quick drying and adding relief to the body before demonstration performances. And their statements leave both men and women, which speaks of the popularity of a steroid among both sexes.
Due to the high anabolic index, and especially in combination with other drugs, as evidenced directly by the testimonials about Stanover (Vermoje), there is an impressive increase in hardy and relief muscles that remain for a long time after the course ends.
If you have not yet taken the drug and are full of doubts, then the consultations of our experienced specialists and the recommendations of the athletes will help to make the right decision and correctly form the course. If the experience of taking the drug you already have, you can leave your feedback and chat with the rest of the athletes.

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