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Quite popular among athletes is an anabolic androgen-steroid, like Winstrol. It is available in tablets or in the form of injections. The main active ingredient is stanozolol, winstrol is very often called “winny“. Both tablets and solution for injection are a methylated compound. The drug actively has an effect, while its duration is rather short – not more than 8 hours.

For most athletes who use this drug, the pills lose their effect by injection. Most likely, the reason for this is the high cost of the means and the fact that the athletes take the pills, perhaps in insufficient quantities.
So, injection Winstrol Depot is prescribed in a dosage of fifty milligrams per day or at least the same amount every other day. Compared with the daily dose of tablets, this is much more, and therefore more impressive in action.
Oral preparation is simply ideal for women who are engaged in bodybuilding, because they need a daily dose of  much less Рenough from ten to sixteen milligrams a day. Therefore, the daily dosage is reduced to the amount of five to eight tablets. Due to this, the liver and GIT do not suffer from the action of the medicine.
In addition, it is very convenient that the dosage for women can be divided into several doses evenly per day. So, it becomes possible to minimize androgen-conditioned side effects – virilization. And the level of androgens in the blood does not increase significantly, which can not be said about the doses of fifty milligrams in injections.
Thanks to an effective chemical substance called Stanozolol, many athletes want to buy Vinistrol, because such tablets provide athletes with quick and impressive results. Depending on the manufacturer, tablets are available in different packages. But this does not deprive the drug of its positive properties.

Winstrol – Stanozolol

In tablets, the usual dose for members of the stronger sex is from thirty-five to seventy-five milligrams per day. As for injections of this drug, here the figures are different – from twenty-five to fifty milligrams per day. Depending on the purpose for which the drug is taken, the steroid is used in combination with other drugs. So, if you need to gain muscle mass, it is best to combine Winstrol and androgen more by action. It can be Testosterone. This combination will help achieve an excellent anabolic effect, and the effect of estrogens will be reduced to none.
With this combination, you can quickly achieve “drying”, an impressive amount of muscle, whereas conventional steroid courses lead to the accumulation of fluid in the body and fat deposits.
For fat burning, the product winstrol for sale here should be taken in combination with non-aromatizing androgens. This can be Trenbolone or Primobolan. As a result, you will achieve firm muscles and relief. But this is the dream of most bodybuilders.
For a woman’s body, the dosage should be as follows: every day, you need to take five to ten milligrams of medication. Taking Winstrol in tablets or in injections, the course is four to six weeks.

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