Stan-Max 10mg (100 pills)


10mg (100 pills) of Stanozolol oral (Winstrol) Maxtreme

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Winstrol Stan-Max is a fairly well-known and old drug, because many know about its positive qualities. This steroid is always produced, both in injection and in oral form. Most beginners give their preference exclusively to buying tablets, but practice shows that injections give a much better effect. The main active substance is used only one – Stanozolol. The drug is produced by many companies and has its distinctive name. Do not be mistaken and think that Winstrol can not be called differently. Each manufacturer gives its name, and the drug and dosage of 50 mg. For 1 ml. Remains the same (Stanover, Stanabol,  the same drug). Only the practice of admission, can show which manufacturer suits you best.

The course Winstrol solo – in any case, will involve an intensive drying process. Initially, it is expressed in the removal of excess fluid from the body, which already gives its result to reduce excess weight. To gain weight even with proper nutrition is practically not realistic at best, you can simply keep it in place, if there is no need to lower the weight category. Most often Winstrol’s course is bought for drying, it helps to remove not a large fat layer throughout the body. Makes the muscles more pronounced and manifests venous, well suited for effective drying. Already at the initial stage of admission, you can feel the increase in muscle density, in the future the muscles will become stiff and firm, this adds an additional beautiful effect.

Bodybuilding Drugs: Stanozolol/Winstrol (Anabolic Androgenic Steroid)

How to Take a Winstrol Solo Course

The average dose of Winstrol is considered to be taken every other day through 50 mg. (1 ml). For beginners, you can limit yourself to taking a steroid three times a week. For a beginner, this is a perfectly acceptable dosage that will be safe. The drug should always be administered intramuscularly, and in which muscle, there are many disagreements on this topic. Correctly injected into the gluteus muscle, it is safe, but experienced athletes believe that it is necessary to put before training exactly in the muscle that needs intensive study. It is difficult to say how correct this decision is. For example, if you need to pump the biceps, then put the floor of the cube in one head of the biceps and the floor of the cube in the second arm in the bicep. Exactly this situation with all muscles. On the safety side of choosing the injection site, this is not correct.

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