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Winstrol is a popular brand name for the anabolic steroid stanozolol. It is more conducive to muscle building than produces androgenic effect. Perhaps, on anabolic properties this drug is not so powerful in comparison with stronger substances. But this is one of the most reliable means for building up. Winstrol exists in two dosage forms: in the form of tablets and a solution for injections (Winstrol Depot). The chemical structure of Winstrol makes it possible to classify it as a derivative of testosterone.


Combined Courses

Taking Stanozolol, you can add other drugs at the same time. It depends on specific goals. If the task is to increase muscle mass, then  can be combined with other, stronger androgens, for example, with an anaprolin, methandrostenolone, testosterone. The action of these drugs is counterbalanced by Winstrol, so that their estrogenic effect decreases with anabolic action.

Compensation for the action of strong androgens is facilitated by the addition of anti-estrogens such as Clomid, Nolvadex. Properly selected combinations of drugs will lead to a gain in muscle mass without significant delay in adipose tissue and fluid.
As practice shows, in the process of dieting for weight loss or before competition, the combination of Winstrol and trenbolone (unromatized androgen) makes the muscles firm and especially embossed – this is usually the goal of many athletes.


Features of courses for women

Daily reception Winstrol women: 5-10 mg (2-2.5 tablets of 2 mg). Despite the good tolerability of the drug, injections are not suitable for women. This is associated with a risk of androgen accumulation, which explains the reduced dose. And the tablet is easier to divide into several doses than the ampoule. If nevertheless injections are used, then the ampoule should be divided evenly in half.

Between the injections you need to take breaks. The optimal dose – every 2-3 days for 25 mg. Some ambitious women make injections every other day. However, it is better to avoid such a scheme. And although the active ingredient winstrol is a moderate androgen, but there is a risk of signs of masculinization.

How To Use Winstrol (Stanozolol)?

Feedback on receiving Winstrol

Using Winstrol in parallel with active training and full balanced nutrition, for the course it is possible to collect more than 10 kg of dry and well-traced muscles. That’s why most athletes prefer to use this drug.

Meanwhile, different athletes have different opinions. Some consider this drug to be weak, others, on the contrary, are delighted with the result. Much depends on how competently built the course of admission.

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