Restaver 40mg 100 pills


40mg 100 pills of Testosterone undecanoate Vermodje

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Restaver is a modern steroid drug, which is testosterone in the oral form (in capsules). Its active substance is a steroid . It is a testosterone ester, used, both in sports practice, and in medicine. In sports, in particular in bodybuilding, it can be used to increase strength, increase muscle mass and improve muscle quality. In medicine, it is usually prescribed for the treatment of various diseases in men and women.
The company Restaver 40 is engaged in quite well-known in sports circles company Vermodje from Moldova. The products of this manufacturer have long been well known to domestic athletes, after all, it began its work at the beginning of the two thousandths.


How to take Restaver

As part of sports practice, this drug is used mainly by athletes who want to use testosterone on the course, but do not tolerate injections. Application of capsules Restaver – the process is fairly simple, so they are seen by many a convenient alternative.
According to the practice, the effective dosage of such a steroid varies around 240 mg per day (the choice of a particular dose depends on the health status of the recipient, the level of testosterone in his blood and the body’s response to taking the drug). Note that smaller volumes may not have the proper effect on the athlete’s body. At the same time, volumes larger than those indicated may be associated with a significant increase in the risk of side effects.
Important: Restaver is administered internally, usually 1 to 3 times a day. Capsules should be swallowed whole. Do not chew them and do not open the contents of the capsule, the use of the drug in this form may be less effective.
The course of taking Restaver (testosterone undecanoate) for sporting purposes is recommended only for men, female athletes usually do not use this drug, as there is a high probability of virilization (side effects such as face and body hair, body shape changes and coarsening of the voice).


Reviews about Restaver

Athletes note the convenience of using the drug. Feedback on Restaver is called one of the best oral forms of testosterone. But at the same time, many athletes are called on insufficient muscle hypertrophy. This can be associated with a low dosage: it is proved that in the case of a daily intake of a steroid in a dose less than 200 milligrams, it is ineffective.

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