Primo Tabs 25mg (50 pills)


25mg (50 pills) of Methenolone acetate (Primobolan) Alpha Pharma


Primo Tabs is an oral steroid (methenolone acetate), which is in great demand among athletes of heavy sports, in particular bodybuilders. Structurally, the substance is a dihydrotestosterone derivative with a moderate anabolic effect and a weak androgenic index (44 percent of testosterone). For this reason, the steroid is devoid of most of the side effects associated with drugs of similar effect. By the power of its positive action, this oral anabolic is similar to Masteron.
The most remarkable feature of these pills is the absence of toxic effects on the athlete’s body. This property distinguishes them from competitors, which in their majority are harmful to the liver. At the same time, unlike some other steroids, this tablet product of pharmacology has  a relatively short duration of action – about 5 hours.

Female use of Steroid Primobolan: Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

How to take the most effective?

As already noted, the steroid has a relatively mild anabolic effect, so this drug is most often used for drying, when it is necessary to obtain high-quality, relief and firm musculature.

If you do not know how to take Primobolan in tablets, then use our recommendations (although the drug is safe, however, its misuse can lead to quite serious consequences).
The optimal dosage of Primo Tabs is at the border of 50-100 mg per day. It is best to start the course with minimal doses, that is, with 50 mg per day. Then, if side effects do not manifest, you can increase the volume to 100 mg per day. So, you will save yourself from the undesirable consequences that still may arise during the use of this steroid.

The Primo Tabs course should not last longer than eight full weeks. In a longer duration of reception, the meaning is small. The increased duration of the course, firstly, will not lead to an increase in steroid effectiveness, and secondly, will increase the risk of side effects. In addition, 8 weeks is enough to make the steroid show all its positive effects.
Admission of supplements after the course Primobol in tablets is optional. Take gonadotropin and its analogous means should only be in violation of recommendations and the use of too large doses of a steroid or with its too frequent admission.
Important: the use of Primo Tabs is a reliable option if you need to improve the quality of the muscles. If the target is a set of muscle mass, then because of the relatively weak anabolic action, this steroid is recommended to be combined with other pharmacological agents.

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