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Anavar, Oxandrolone, Oksaver all this is the name of the same drug, which contains the active ingredient . This drug is very well known to women, because it is used by many to prepare for competitions in fitness bikini. It is not in vain for girls, because it has a number of positive properties and thus has no side effects (with the right dosages and compliance with the diet-training). Anavar helps to burn excess fat, adds muscle, keeps the body in tone, gives strength and energy. For men, it is less interesting, because for the course you can add only 3-5 kg. But, nevertheless, who does not chase the scales, but works for quality and relief; Anavar is also becoming an excellent assistant. It is worth noting its high anabolic activity and low androgenic activity. Also, the drug does not aromatize and does not retain water.


Effects of admission

The rapid effect of taking Anavar Oxanprime should not be expected. But in the course of the course, you will feel much more refreshed, recovery after training will be faster, power indicators will increase. At the end of the course, you will notice the desired relief, a reduction in the fat layer, and an increase of 3-5 kg ​​if the target was a set of mass. A very important role, both in the recruitment of mass, and in the burning of fat on the Anavar course, is played by your diet and training system. It should be written and directed to your goal. Also, after completing the course, you will not notice the phenomenon of pullback if you follow the same diet and exercise regime. Sports nutrition, of course, is welcome.


Dosages and duration of Anavar’s course

Dosages of reception Anavar as well as the duration of the course will depend on the total length of training, the goal, the height and weight of the athlete / athlete. Common standards for the course of Anavar are: for men 20-60 mg per day, for women 10-20 mg / day. Men are not recommended to exceed the dose of 80 mg, despite the fact that as such there are no side effects of the drug. For women, the upper limit is a dosage of 40 mg. The duration of the solo course is approximately 6 weeks. Anavar can also be combined with testosterone esters, but the more experienced ones add to the course of winstrol, deco or turinabol.


Side effects

As already mentioned, there are no side effects in Anavar, for which beginners love it. It does not cause hormonal fluctuations, increase of pressure, does not put pressure on the liver, does not reduce the secretion of testosterone. But this again, provided normal dosages, proper nutrition and approach to the training process.



It is enough for women to lower the dosage at the end of the course until it stops completely. Men are recommended for 2 weeks after the course to drink Clomid 1 tablet per day. If Anavar’s course was combined with other drugs, then PCT should be made based on what drugs were used.

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