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10mg (100 pills) of Oxandrolone (Anavar) Maxtreme

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Oxandrolone is a drug designed to eliminate cachexia of different genesis. This medicine is widely used in medicine. To date, it has been widely distributed due to its effectiveness.


Oxandrolone Effects

Anavar is a remedy that athletes use to improve the relief of muscle tissue and increase strength. Despite the increase in fat burning, at times increases appetite. Also, a slight increase in the level of growth hormone was noted. The remedy is recommended for those athletes who, with sufficient muscle mass, have a low percentage of subcutaneous fat. Taking the drug improves protein metabolism, enhancing the synthesis of proteins. Has anti-catabolic effect, blocking receptors of cortisol with the help of steroid molecules. Beneficial effect on the central nervous system and nitrogen balance, accelerates recovery after heavy training. Oxandronolone is not aromatized (there is no conversion to estrogens, which avoids gynecomastia), and this is its main advantage.


Indications for use Oxandrolone

Indications for use Oxandrolone diverse. So, basically it is used for cachexia of different genesis. Widely used remedy for violations of protein metabolism after severe injuries. It is also applicable for infectious diseases, burns, surgical operations and radiation therapy.

The medicine proved itself well in the field of elimination of osteoporosis of different genesis, progressive muscular dystrophy and hypo – and aplastic anemia.

Applied as a means of preventing myopathy and osteoporosis in the treatment of glucocorticosteroids. In general, the spectrum of use is quite broad. It is by no means possible to apply the medication independently. This can lead to the development of negative consequences on the part of the body. Despite the fact that Oxandrolone does not have serious side effects, independent application is prohibited.


Side effects Oxandrolone

Side effects Oxandrolone is very extensive. In the first place, the gastrointestinal tract may react negatively. Everything manifests itself in the form of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Perhaps, these are the most harmless side effects.

 can cause jaundice, allergic reactions of varying severity, depression, sleep disturbances, seizures and adenoma. The woman does not exclude the appearance of baldness, the irreversible decrease in the timbre of the voice, the violation of the menstrual cycle, the suppression of the functions of the ovaries and the increase in the clitoris.

Other side effects include bone pain, swelling, leukemia reaction and progression of atherosclerosis. All this list of negative consequences indicates that it is strictly forbidden to take the drug yourself. This can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, any medication should be taken with the permission of the doctor. Oxandrolone in this case is no exception.

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