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200mg 30 pills of Modafinil Alpha Pharma

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Modafinil 200mg is a drug from the class of analeptics. The task of this class of drugs is to influence the centers of the medulla oblongata to stimulate the vital functions of respiration and circulation. In other words, modafinil invigorates.

Modafinil, as well as adderall and ritalin, most often, are prescribed with a syndrome of attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy. But in the case of modafinil, it is often used as an amplifier of cognitive abilities.


How Modafinil works

Most of all  is sold in the form of tablets. So, some desperate subject, in the hope of achieving his low-cost selfish goals, eats 300 mg of substance, from which they then blew up a book, a film and a series about a pill for the brain. In the stomach / intestine, this magical substance is absorbed, enters the bloodstream. The blood of this desperate subject circulates through the body. Modafinil 200mg passes the defense of the brain and, hitting it, begins its dark action, which lasts about 12 hours. There are several isomers of modafinil, and the action time varies.



– Modafinil is a controversial substance. Strong nootropics with frequent side effects.

– The basis of its action, its effects – an increase in dopamine, norepinephrine, histamine + incomprehensible unexplained effects.

– The most frequent pobochki: a headache and a decrease in the resistance of allergies. He is much safer than narcotic psychostimulants, but far from glycine.

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