Halobol 5mg (50 pills)


5mg (50 pills) of Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) Alpha Pharma

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In bodybuilding Halobol 5mg, Fluoxymesterone is a precompetitive drug. Although there is no growth in muscle mass, athletes seem to be larger than they are in fact, as hardness, stiffness and relief significantly increase. In addition, the drug even in a diet helps to cope with grueling training.

A distinctive feature of Fluoxymesterone is the inability to gain weight even when combined with other drugs. This feature is very much appreciated by weightlifters, powerlifters, boxers, representatives of various martial arts, for which weight, strength and aggression are more important.

By right,  is in the top three by side effects. The drug has the strongest toxic effect on the liver. Guarantee that it will not be damaged, no. With the prostate gland, too, there may be problems that can only come to mind, down to adenoma and cancer. Another satellite Fluoxymesterone – increased irritability and zashkalivaya aggression. And if the previous problems are possible, then this is always present. Increased activity of the sebaceous gland often leads to acne. Sometimes Halobol 5mg there are nosebleeds. There are also various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Headaches are also a frequent guest of the drug. But there is good news. The pressure does not increase the pressure. Gynecomastia, fluid accumulation and rounding of the body by female type was not observed. The drug is not recommended for women due to virilization.

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