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50mg (50 pills) of Oxymetholone (Anadrol) Vermodje

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Androver is a powerful anabolic steroid that has very high anabolic activity, and reduced androgenicity. It allows the athlete in a short time to gain up to 10-15 kg of pure muscle mass per course, raise strength and endurance.
Also, the anabolic action has a beneficial effect on the joints, eliminating soreness, activating the hematopoiesis, especially the synthesis of hemoglobin and erythropoietin. Anabolic activity stimulates the synthesis of proteins.


What is Androver: the history of creation and our days

The active substance of the drug oxymetholone was developed back in the 1960s with the aim of treating anemia and osteoporosis, for people suffering from abnormal anabolic processes in cells. Scientific research has also revealed its activity in the treatment of HIV.
The high anabolic properties of this drug in bodybuilding quickly found application, and it gained prevalence among powerlifters and bodybuilders, as well as in various types of athletics. Now you can not buy 50 mg / tab in the pharmacy of Androver, but the instructions describe only its use in medicine, so athletes have to pass on information about the methods of taking the drug “from mouth to mouth”. Therefore, there are so many legends about the dangers of a steroid, with realities having little in common.

Use of Anavar and Anavar side Effects

How to take Androver

To begin with, perhaps, it is worthwhile that this steroid is more suitable for professional athletes who are well aware of their body and its reactions to various steroids. Beginners should start with weaker drugs.
The Androver course lasts, as a rule, 6 weeks, starts and ends smoothly. Average  daily dosages for men are 50-150 mg per day. Higher dosages do not increase the anabolic effect, but significantly increase the likelihood of undesirable side effects.
There are situations when the question of how to take Androver, stands up and in front of women athletes. Since the drug is androgenic, its use by women is not recommended. But in exceptional situations, assumptions of up to 50 mg every other day are possible. At the first signs of side effects of virilization, the taking of tablets should be stopped.
Taking the drug gives good results on the solo course, but you can achieve even more with a combination of oxymetholone and other steroids. If you do not know how to take this anabolic in a combined course, be sure to consult a competent specialist. Incorrect dosages of drugs may not lead you to sports victories, but to ruin your health.

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