Trenaver vial. 10ml vial (100 mg/ml)


10ml vial (100 mg/ml) of Trenbolone acetate Vermodje

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Trenaver is a steroid drug of high anabolic and androgenic activity, produced by the notorious pharmacological company Vermodje (Moldova). In addition  to power, it can boast a complete lack of aromatization, as well as a rapid and diverse impact.


Reviews, facts and opinions

Active substance of the drug is a popular steroid in sports. Its use is regularly resorted to by both “siloviki”, and weightlifters, and bodybuilders, and representatives  of many other disciplines. Therefore, reviews about the means on its basis in the network meet with an enviable frequency. After all, the more demand, the more opinions.
There is no exception and Trenaver Vermodje, reviews you can easily find by visiting our Forum. It’s simple: we do not limit the desire of visitors to communicate in any way, so there are a lot of objective and subjective opinions, as well as descriptions of various drugs on our resource.
Having come to the Forum and having studied the testimonials about Trenaver, you will find out that this drug based on trenbolone is endowed with the strongest anabolic and androgenic action, respectively 400 and 200 percent of testosterone. What makes it an incredibly powerful tool that can significantly improve the physical shape of the athlete.

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