Trenaver 200 – 10 ampoules (200mg/ml)


10 ampoules (200mg/ml) of Trenbolone enanthate Vermodje

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Trenbolone enanthate is produced by the Moldovan company Vermozde under the trade name Trenaver 200. Tren is one of the most “powerful” anabolic steroids for building muscle mass. Favorite steroid professionals. Initially, the trenbolone was created as a medicament for veterinary needs, and was used to build muscle mass and increase the appetite of livestock. But soon this drug was discovered by bodybuilders. Since then, trenbolone, along with testosterone, is the No. 1 drug among professional athletes.



Trainer 200 can be called Androgen with a capital letter, since the ability to join androgen receptors, the training, exceeds that of testosterone five times. Thanks to this property, the simulator 200 has found its legendary anabolic power. Also unique is the Trenaver property to increase IGF-1 by 200%. No steroid can compete with the train in terms of speed of muscle mass and strength. For one course, lasting 8 weeks, you can easily dial 8-10 kg. Muscle mass. The weight gained with the help of the trenbolone is very high quality and the rollback will be less pronounced than other “heavy” speakers.



Since the simulator is a very powerful steroid, there is no sense in conducting long courses with this drug. Good results, trenbolon shows both solo, and in various combinations. Often, the trench is used together with testosterone for weight gain and strength. Weekly dosage for trenbolone enanthate should not exceed 300 mg., Per week. Weekly dosage is better divided by 2 times. If trenbolone 200 is used for more than 8 weeks, you risk getting side effects, which are discussed below. On the course of the trenbolone, gonadotropin is recommended to prevent testicular atrophy. PCT begins two weeks after the last injection. The main drug for PCT is clomid, if necessary, inhibitors of prolactin – doxintex, bromocriptine are added.



The trainer does not aromatize, so that side effects such as gynecomastia, water accumulation and fat deposition by the female type do not threaten you; moreover, the trench is an excellent fat burner. Like nandrolones, the transept has the ability to bind to progestin receptors, which in very rare cases can cause gynecomastia and deca-dick (sluggish erection, decreased libido). Androgenic effects of exercise are extremely rare. Trenaver 200 strongly suppresses the production of its own testosterone, so on the course, from the second week, it is recommended to use gonadotropin in a dosage of 500-1000 units per week. The gonad is canceled 2 weeks after the last injection.

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