Trenabol 10ml vial (75 mg/ml)


10ml vial (75 mg/ml) of Trenbolone Acetate British Dragon

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The drug Trenabol has a high anabolic and androgenic activity. This drug is a short-term trenbolone (trenbolone acetate), which is rapidly active, but only 1-3 days after the injection. As part of sports practice, it is used to provide muscle growth, strength, endurance and performance, as well as during drying courses.


Description of the properties

The drug due to a wide range of action is relevant for most popular in our day sports. It can be effectively used in weightlifting or bodybuilding to gain muscle mass, or in athletics for the overall development of physical fitness. At the same time, he is recommended mainly to experienced athletes. Due to the high power of newcomers, it is not advisable to use it. In the initial stages, the softer results can also be expressed by milder steroids.


What exactly is the effect of Trenabol?

During the course, the drug promotes rapid and qualitative muscle growth, maximum increase in strength, increases efficiency and endurance, exhibits a fat burning effect, improves the relief and density of the musculature. When the injections are performed, the level of insulin-like growth factor increases to 200% and the level of cortisol decreases (this is one of the main catabolic hormones in the human body).
On the other hand, Trenabol  is a powerful drug that can cause side effects. So, despite the absence of aromatization processes, its use can be associated with the appearance of discomfort / pain in the nipples and even gynecomastia in men. It is explained by progestogenic activity (in this respect,  is similar to nandrolone). Also its consequence may be a strong decrease in its own testosterone and, as a result, a decrease in sexual activity / libido.
Other probable side effects of the drug include sleep disorders, high blood pressure, increased aggression, acne and sebaceous skin.
Women Trenabol is not recommended. As noted above, this is a steroid of a strong androgenic effect (androgenic activity is 200% of testosterone, anabolic activity is also high – 400% of testosterone). Therefore, women who use it, run the risk of encountering manifestations of virilization (changes in the shape of the body, increase in the size of the jaw, coarsening of the voice and hairiness in the male type).


How to take Trenabol?

This is a strong steroid drug with a quick action, the injections of which for sporting purposes are usually performed at a frequency of every other day (to maintain the optimal concentration of the active substance).
Dosages of Trenabol, recommended to athletes, can range from 50 (75) to 100 mg every other day. This amount of a steroid is usually more than enough to achieve the required improvements (from fat burning to muscle growth), on the other hand, the use of high doses is inappropriate, since it does not lead to a pronounced enhancement of the effect, and the risk of side effects increases.
Concentration of the active substance in the drug is convenient – 100 mg per 1 ml, so it is almost impossible to make a mistake in the calculations. For recommended doses, it is necessary: ​​0.5 ml – for administration 50 mg, 0.75 ml – for 75 mg, 1 ml exactly – for 100 mg.
The course of application of Trenabol  is often combined. It fits perfectly with various steroids (from methandienone to testosterone), than many athletes use. To the not recommended mainly include ligaments with drugs that enhance or possess progestagenic activity.

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