Testobolin (vial) 10ml vial (250mg/ml)


10ml vial (250mg/ml) of Testosterone enanthate Alpha Pharma

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Testobolin (vial) is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid drug of prolonged action. Originally developed for medical medical use, today the steroid is also actively used in sports practice: as doping for amateurs or sports professionals, it is used primarily in power and mass-gathering courses.



The preparation contains the active active substance testosterone enanthate (at a concentration of 250 mg per ml). “Enka” (slang name) is perhaps the most claimed  ester among domestic athletes. Characteristic of enanthate is closest to another testosterone ester – cypionate. For sporting purposes, they are even considered interchangeable without consequences.

The drug Testololin (steroid testosterone enanthate) is a form of the hormone of extended action: it is characterized by pronounced and anabolic, and androgenic properties identical to natural testosterone, developing 14-16 days after the injection. Due to the high androgenicity, for use in sporting purposes the product is recommended exclusively to men. For women in sports, its use is fraught with virilization (symptoms from acne to coarsening of the voice).

Testobolin with the correct construction and conduct of the course characterizes the predominant useful over the side effect: the drug effectively contributes to anabolism (a set of muscle mass) and prevents catabolism (muscle destruction). But the impact on this does not end, because power strength, endurance, fatigue of the athlete, plus, decreases the function of ligaments and joints, improves the function of ligaments and joints, strengthens the bone system, increases the desire to exercise, and the appetite, aggression, even the libido of the applying increases with predisposition.

Possible side effects from Testobolin, on the other hand, are rare, if you follow the recommendations. However, the possibility of developing estrogenic and androgenic complications, such as acne, libido enhancement during the course of the application, and a reduction in the course of alopecia, water accumulation or gynecomastia, can not be ruled out completely. With a particularly severe course to eliminate estrogen-dependent side effects correctly connect the antiestrogen, like anastrozole (aromatase inhibitor of the third generation).

Testosterone Enanthate Review


The course of Testobolin for pronounced progress in sporting purposes, as a rule, is long and combined. Enanthate is effectively combined with various steroids, ranging from methandienone to nandrolone decanoate, which amateurs and sports professionals are eager to use. Having studied the variants of combined courses, everyone can choose the optimal (effective and harmless) for themselves a bunch of drugs.

The course of testosterone enanthate with methandienone (up to 6-8 weeks in doses of 500 mg per week and 30-50 mg per day, respectively) is a working mass-gathering bunch for athletes of a beginner level of experience. Experienced athletes can complement the combination of nandrolone decanoate injections, which will only increase the end results.

The course of testosterone and trenbolone enanthate (up to 10 weeks at doses of 500-750 mg and 300-400 mg per week), in turn, is a powerful mass-gathering and recommended for athletes experienced with sports pharmacology. It is important to strictly adhere to working dosages, otherwise the synergistic effect of testosterone and trenbolone can be excessive, provoking consequences for the person who uses it.

In general, doses of Testobolin to athletes are recommended within 250-750 mg in weeks. Because The drug is long-acting, for optimal effect, frequent injections are not required: for an even action background, as a rule, 2 applications are limited to different days of the week (for example, on Tuesday and Saturday).

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