Stanover vial. 10ml vial (50mg/ml)


10ml vial (50mg/ml) of Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot) Vermodje


Stanover – a powerful anabolic steroid, developed on the basis of the active substance stanozolol. It is considered one of the best means to prepare for competitions among a wide range of athletes. The immediate effect of the drug begins a few hours after the injection, and is detected in the blood after 3 weeks.
The intake of injections of such a drug in bodybuilding provides an increase in strength and endurance, dries and stiffens the muscles, and increases appetite. In addition, the drug has a fat burning effect and actively removes water from the body.


How to take Stanover: instructions and combinations

The use of injections of this AAS is possible both in the off-season and in preparation for the competition. The peculiarity of injection  is that it is dissolved not in oil, but in water. Therefore, there is a need for more frequent injections. The minimum dosage of Stanover for athletes is 50 mg twice a week, but is usually administered at 50 mg daily or every other day.
To achieve tangible results, the course of Stanover is conducted for 6-9 weeks. Of course, nutrition should be balanced and full while doing it, and physical activity – regular.
The answer to the question of how to stab Stanover and to whom, should be decided by each athlete individually. This drug is suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. For women, injections are usually not applied because of the risk of virilization. The maximum recommended use is 5 mg for athletes per day.
Instructions for Stanover (Vermodje, Moldova) and recommendations on the preparation of courses are available at our Forum, where experienced athletes communicate. Preparedness for taking the drug will help avoid such side effects as increased blood pressure and cholesterol. However, these pobochki easily removed with appropriate drugs. There may also be pain in the joints, which is associated with the active excretion of fluid from the body, and the joints become more susceptible to heavy loads.
Combinations of the drug with Anabol, Turinabol, Testosterone are very popular and allow to achieve even greater effect. For beginners, a course of treatment with Nandrolone or Primabolon is appropriate, these drugs are relatively harmless and at the same time give a good muscle gain.


Reviews about Stanover

Stanover from Vermodje had a good time in the sports pharmacology industry and received positive reviews. Many professional athletes have already assessed his good performance and use it both in the off-season and in preparation for the competition. Considering the fact that eminent persons should have a beautiful body and a decent shape all year round, the use of this drug in this situation will be a very sensible decision. Among the reviews about Stanover, athletes rarely appear negative statements, and then, they are related only with an overdose.

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