Stan-Max 10 ampoules (50mg/ml)


10 ampoules (50mg/ml) of Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot) Maxtreme


Winstrol Depot¬†Stan-Max 10 is a popular anabolic steroid based on stanozolol. For a long time stanozol was considered ineffective and ineffective anabolic, its wide use by athletes began only in the mid 80’s. In particular, he used the famous track and field athlete Ben Johnson, who won many races and set several records. Subsequently, these records were canceled, and Johnson himself was disqualified for using dope, but that’s not the point. The use of stanozolol allowed the athlete not only to significantly increase his physical performance, but also to acquire attractive, sculpted muscles, which many bodybuilders envied at one time.


Features of the drug

Injection Winstrol is very popular, so it’s no wonder that now you can find a lot of its fakes. How can you know that it is the original product? This Winstrol Depot is a milky white watery liquid. If you leave the ampoule for a while and then look at it, you can see a white precipitate formed on the bottom, and the liquid in the ampoule will be lighter. When shaken, the compatible ampoule again becomes milky white. It is the loss of the active substance () into the sediment – this is the main confirmation of Winstrol’s originality.
In a 1 ml ampoule in which 50 mg of stanozolol is dissolved, the settling on the bottom of the sediment is the height of the nail. If the sediment is larger or absent altogether, there is a fake in front of you. The original drug is only available in ampoules of 1 ml, if you have larger ampoules – it’s a fake. The font on ampoules is brown, it is well probed, it is almost impossible to erase or scrape it off with a fingernail. Winstrol Italian production of the same company is also produced in wide ampoules with a piercing top, but the font on them is blue. As a rule, counterfeits are sold in ordinary ampoules of elongated shape, marking on them in quality differs from the original, and even completely absent. Knowing this, it’s not difficult to distinguish a fake from the original drug.
The main disadvantage of injectable Winstrol is the soreness of the injections and the formation of scar tissue in their place. For this reason, many athletes prefer to inject the drug not into the gluteal muscles, but into the calves, legs, shoulders, for example. As the athletes themselves note, there is a plus in this – when the drug is injected into certain muscle groups, they develop better than when injected into the same muscles. It is not necessary to make Winstrol injections daily, it is enough to take 2-3 ml of the drug twice a week.

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