Primover ampoules 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


10 ampoules (100mg/ml) of Methenolone enanthate (Primobolan depot) Vermodje

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Primover has a prolonged effect due to a long chain of ether. The substance gradually enters the blood from the muscles, and provides a fairly even hormonal background for two weeks. The duration of action of Primover is approximately the same as testosterone enanthate. The only drawback of the injection form of the steroid is the soreness of the injections. However, this is quite individual, and is well tolerated by many athletes. The oral form of methenolone is not so common. The steroid, produced in tablet form, has a very short period of action – about 5 hours. Despite the fact that it does not have toxic effects on the liver, the high price is not justified. The vast majority of athletes prefer the injection form of the drug due to availability, low price, and most importantly – the uniformity of the ingestion of the active substance into the blood.

This anabolic steroid is known to bodybuilders and siloviki for several decades, and rightfully earned the reputation of one of the lightest and safest steroids. The injection method of its application for sports provides the action of the drug lasting up to 14 days.
The active substance –  – is a modified testosterone molecule, which has reduced androgenic properties and anabolic ones. This means that the Primer dosage will give a greater effect than a similar dose of testosterone, and will have less side effects, which is a great advantage of methenolone enanthate.
Among the immediate effects Primore Vermodje, which is silent instruction for medical use, is the burning of the fat layer and the removal of fluid from the tissues of the body, contributing to the formation of pronounced muscular relief.

How to take Primover

Since the drug is rather mild and not fast, it requires a course lasting 6-8 weeks. But too tightening the course is also not recommended because of the increasing likelihood of negative side effects.
The course Primore from Vermoja is conducted in dosages of 200-500 mg, depending on the parameters of the athlete and the desired results at the exit. As a rule, most athletes put 400 mg of the drug once a week and get a good gain in muscle and strength. Application outside recommendations over 600 mg per week is highly undesirable, since it sharply increases the chance of steroid side effects.
The drug can also be used by women, most importantly, do not plan for the duration of the course pregnancy or conception of the child. The course of injections for women is carried out at dosages of 50-100 mg per week. Compliance with the recommended dosages will ensure that there are no effects of virilization and masculinization.
The intake is also ideal for maintaining muscle mass during drying and forming relief. For an amateur athlete, he can and not bad add muscle volumes, whereas a professional this effect is likely to notice weakly.

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