Mastabol 10ml vial (100 mg/ml)


10ml vial (100 mg/ml) of Dromastanolone Di-propionate British Dragon


Mastabol is a steroid drug, perfectly suitable for use by beginning athletes or their more experienced colleagues. It has fast activity and elimination after application. On the other hand, the period of validity is not the longest, therefore during the course, the application is usually carried out every other day or every three days.
Mastabol 100 is an excellent choice for athletes who want to achieve tight and relief musculature, as well as for those who need increased endurance and strength without significant weight gain. The drug can be called relevant for a variety of sports, ranging from power disciplines, including bodybuilding, and ending with athletics or tennis.


Mastabol: injection course

For men for sporting purposes, the dosage  of the drug is recommended within 300-500 mg per week (injections every other day or every three days). The duration of its administration can vary depending on various factors, for example, on the task for which the application is being made, but on average it is about 8 full weeks.

The use of Mastabol  can be an excellent help in obtaining quality musculature, dense and embossed. This anabolic and androgenic steroid is great for athletes in bodybuilding, athletics, for cross-country or even swimming disciplines. It can be used effectively and relatively safely by professional sportsmen, amateurs or even beginners.
However, the course of use of Mastabol is not recommended for women. The drug, as already mentioned, is characterized by a strong androgenic activity, because of which athletes may face masculinization. The perfect sex for the development of physical fitness is usually advised steroids with a predominant anabolic effect.
It should be noted that the use of drostanolone by athletes is often performed not in solo, but in combined courses with other AAS. This drug can be effectively combined with a variety of properties of steroids, from tablets or injection form of stanozolol to testosterone propionate, depending on the experience of applying, financial solvency and pursued goals.
Joint course Mastabol  + drug injection “stanzas” is a possible good choice for drying. This combination will provide the proper fat burning effect, will get rid of excess fluid and stimulate qualitative growth of muscles. Mandatory is post-course therapy, since both drugs can lead to a decrease in the natural production of testosterone.

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