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50mg (50 pills) of Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) Alpha Pharma

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Many Promifen 50mg athletes in order to speed up the recovery of their own hormones, begin to take Clomiphene citrate. This drug triggers the production of not only testosterone, but also other hormones (luteinizing and follicle-stimulating). Features of taking clomid depends on what drugs you drank during the steroid course. If you were limited only to oral substances, then you can calmly start taking this medication already on the third day after the completion of the course. If you have used long-acting substances (for example, sustanon, enanthate, deca), then you can start taking clomid jun-yow only two weeks after the last injection. In any case, drink one tablet of the drug for ten days.


How to Take Clomid on PCT

Bodybuilders take the drug clomid exclusively  on the pkt (post-course therapy). It is important to keep the dosage correctly. If you daily drink two or four tablets, the estrogen receptors in the testicles and pituitary gland will be suppressed. With 2-3 tablets, it is worth starting those athletes who took weak oral steroids within the course. If you used heavy drugs, take 3 tablets of clomid immediately. Due to the fact that clomid only reduces the activity of hormones, they stop destroying muscle mass and suppress testosterone. If you exceed the dosage, you will cause irreparable harm to your body.

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Clomid instructions for use

Experts recommend starting clomid immediately after the course. The fact is that any steroids increase the level of anabolic hormones. Because of this, the male body is trying its best to catch up with this level, and, trying to keep the hormonal balance, begins to synthesize the estrogens intensively. Naturally, at the end of the course, the amount of testosterone drops sharply, and the estrogen level remains at a high level. If you do not take clomid or tamoxifen, then estrogens will simply destroy all the results of the steroid course. We note that you can buy clomid in the pharmacy, only under other trade names.

Taking clomid after the course, you deprive most of the estrogens of the opportunity to work on the body. While the course of this drug lasts, the body slowly restores the production of its own hormones. You gradually reduce the dosage of Clomid to one tablet per day. After the end of PCT, the production of testosterone is completely restored. Even if the level of female hormones remains high, testosterone does not allow them to negatively affect muscle mass.

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