Anastrover 1mg (25 pills)


1mg (25 pills) of Anastrozole Vermodje

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Anastorover is a nonsteroidal antiestrogenic drug of the third generation (aromatase inhibitor) produced by the well-known pharmacological company Vermodje  (Moldova). The main field of its application is sports practice, where it is used to minimize / eliminate gynecomastia, fluid retention in the body and other estrogenic side effects (take the drug is recommended only for long-term steroid courses with high dosages).
Note that Anastrover from Vermodje is one of the most powerful and effective estrogen antagonists used to prevent feminization. By activity and productivity, it surpasses even everyone’s beloved Tamoxifen, because it is based on a completely different effect principle (it blocks the aromatization, the production of estrogens).


Recommendations and instructions for use Anastrover

In sports practice, anastrozole is recommended mainly to experienced and professional athletes using long courses and high dosages of highly aromatized anabolic and androgenic steroids.
In this case, the intake of this anti-estrogen in sports is contraindicated in the fairer sex. And that’s all, because female athletes, by applying Anastorer, can face a significant violation of the natural level of hormones in the body. Another thing is medicine, where is regularly prescribed to girls for therapy / treatment of breast cancer.
We should note that you can take this antiestrogenic drug in sports practice in several ways. The first one is Anastor’s treatment from the very beginning of the course of steroids in the therapeutic dosage. The second – with the first signs of aromatization and / or its consequences (gynecomastia, fluid retention, etc.) at a dosage of 0.25 to 1 mg per day.
Calculate the dose of this drug, when you know what kind of dosage you need, it is quite simple. This drug has the most convenient concentration of active substance – 1mg / tab, so there should not be any problems with dosing. So, to take the maximum recommended dose (1 mg), you need exactly 1 tablet of the drug, and for the minimum recommended (0.25 mg) – a quarter, etc.

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How to take Anastrozole with PCT?

Initially, it should be noted: do not delay with aromatase inhibitors during the course and expect when you develop gynecomastia. If you prefer short ethers, then after 10 days from the beginning of the course you need to pass the test for estradiol. Often it is on its results and it is recommended to take Anastrozole at PCT – 0.5 mcg alternating every other day to avoid gynecomastia. In the case of the use of long esters, the administration of Anastrozole Vermoja requires an additional analysis for estradiol. Doses can be adjusted depending on the result of the tests.

To use an Anastrover 1 mg, the price of which is very low, is undesirable for more than two weeks. If there are side effects such as increased blood pressure, joint pain, headaches, depression, decreased libido, drowsiness, changes in mood, the norm should be lowered.

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