Shane Mosley Steroids can deprive him of victory

Shane Mosley Steroids can deprive him of victory

Shane Mosley: “I do not remember taking steroids”

WBA welterweight champion Shane Mosley steroids (link is external) yesterday participated in a telephone press conference, during which he answered questions about the upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. (link is external). In particular, Moseley assured the journalists that he is in excellent sports and will be fully prepared for the battle. “[Coach Naazim Richardson] does not let me down, he does everything possible to help me prepare physically and psychologically,” Shane Mosley steroids said. Shane Mosley Steroids

In his upcoming fight, Moseley considers his speed and strength to be his main trump cards. “I’m one of the fastest boxers,” he said. “I think Mayweather has a good manual speed, but you can say the same about me.” I think that I will have an advantage in speed, but before the fight I can not say for sure. I expect that I will be able to press him, because I am stronger. I’ve met with bigger and stronger fighters. ”

Moseley’s strong irritation was raised by a question from a journalist who asked him to compare the sensations in preparation for this fight with those he experienced in 2003, when he was preparing for a rematch with Oscar De La Hoya, while using illegal drugs (recall that Shane Mosley steroids then Successfully passed all the tests for doping, but later admitted admission of banned drugs, speaking in court in the case of BALCO). “This is a stupid Heavy Duty HIT question, because in fact I’ve never done anything like this,” Mosely said. “I’ve always been pure … I think I can not be blamed for something I’ve never been caught.” I just told the truth when federal agents invited me to court as a witness … It’s simply ironic that journalists are now trying to expose me as a typical representative of athletes taking steroids. I do not even remember taking them. ”

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