Sarm cycles

Sarm cycles

Preparations of the Sarm cycles group are not so common among domestic athletes as AAS. However, they are very popular in the West. Learn about the properties and application of SARMs Ostarine .

All new drugs for athletes in our country appear with some delay. While Western athletes can already actively use them, our athletes have not even heard of them. Almost the same situation has developed with SARVs Ostarine. This drug only appeared in the domestic stores of sports pharmacology. At the same time in RuNet about this preparation of information is catastrophically small. Let’s fill this gap and learn the whole truth about Sarm cycles.

What is Sarm?

sarm cyclesDo not think that this is a new all-powerful drug. It is possible that you have long used during reconstitution therapy drugs that have a similar mechanism of work, but differ in their effect on the body.

Ostarin is a selective androgen receptor modulator. You also have to use selective modulators of estrogen receptors, such as clomid and tamoxifen. Already from the name Sarm cycles it can be understood that it is able to interact with androgen receptors.

The structure of the drug is not similar to AAS and for this reason, ostarin can not interact with various enzymes, say, aromatase. As a result, we can say that SARMs are able to accelerate the growth of muscle tissues, to increase the physical performance of athletes the same way as steroids, but unlike them are devoid of side effects.

Sarm cycles

The drug is available in tablet form, and the term of its half-life is about 24 hours. Thus, you need to take one stoppin daily to get positive results. Dosage of SARMs is from 20 to 25 milligrams. To get the maximum effect, you also need to increase the intake of protein compounds.

The duration of the cycle of the drug is from one and a half to two months. Of course, Ostharin is difficult to compare in effectiveness with AAS, but with proper nutrition and training for one course of the drug, you can gain up to seven kilos of muscle mass.

Also, ostarin can be used for drying. As in the case with anabolics, you need to adhere to the appropriate nutrition program and take HGH for Sale the drug in an amount of 15 to 20 milligrams. The duration of application ostarin is similar to the course for weight.

In addition, Sarm cycles can be useful for the prevention of damage to the ligaments and joints. For these purposes, take the drug in an amount of 12.5 milligrams for as little as 6 to 8 days.

SARMS doses and cycle lengths explained

Effects of Sarm cycles

We have already said that the drug does not have those side effects inherent in AAS. Let’s note the main properties of ostarin:

  • The secretion of the natural male hormone is not inhibited;
  • Blood pressure does not increase;
  • Not dangerous for the liver;
  • Does not violate the lipid profile;
  • The body does not retain liquid.
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