S4 Dosage Andarine

S4 Dosage Andarine

S4 Dosage allows you to reduce the proportion of fat deposits, while retaining muscle mass. This effect is achieved due to the action of Andarine on androgen receptors. It acts on 1/3 in the same way as testosterone, with the exception of the effect on the prostate gland.

Also, S4 dosage has a high anabolic activity and allows stimulating the work of muscle and bone tissue. Due to the selective principle of action, it does not affect the work of other hormones.The drug is absolutely legal and non-toxic. Andarine is suitable as an adjunct to PCT (post-course therapy) for winstrol oral maintaining muscle mass and strength. It is combined with other drugs and does not require any preliminary preparation. Virtually no side effects.

Allows you to maintain and improve your overall health, which is especially important for people taking drugs that have side effects. Andarine, on the other hand, has a restorative effect. The preparation simulates protein synthesis, as a result of which the process of muscle growth is accelerated. In this case, unlike steroids, it does not affect the work of sex hormones.

S4 (Andarine) – What To Expect


Initially, the drug was developed as a tool to combat osteoporosis, but soon the researchers noticed that Andarine has a significant effect on muscle mass. The drug is actively used by athletes, and its property to restore bone tissue is a big advantage over similar sports supplements. At the present time, the analogue of S4 dosage, Ostarin, which has higher anabolic accordo rx activity, is being investigated more actively.

Andarine S4 Dosage

s4 dosageAndarine belongs to the class of SARM drugs that selectively interact with receptors – in this case, receptors for muscle and bone tissue – without violating their work. Unlike most similar drugs, Andarine does not have a negative effect on metabolism, does not increase cholesterol, does not affect the work of the heart and does not hold water. Thanks to this, mass building became safer for health. The drug is perfect for professional athletes – it promotes the activation and regeneration of tissues, while not having a negative effect on the body.

Suitable for increasing endurance in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Taking S4 dosage, you can build muscle mass, even with low-calorie diets. Andarine does not require prior intake of drugs that support the work of hormones or liver. It is suitable for long-term use (with small interruptions), but the results are visible after 4-6 weeks, which proves the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

About the drug Andarine reviews are mostly positive. In addition to the increase in mass and strength, many people note a favorable effect on the general state of the body, improving well-being.


S-4 helps prevent loss of muscle mass and increase muscle elasticity, so that weight gain will not result in a decrease in strength. Andarine helps in the treatment of osteoporosis and prostatic hypertrophy. Is able to restore and strengthen the steroids for sale bone apparatus. Actively contributes to the reduction of fat mass. By regulating the work of androgen receptors, it allows to prevent the formation of fat and burn it. In addition, S-4 reduces the level of the enzyme, which causes accumulation of lipids.

Since the drug does not reduce the level of metabolism and does not retain water. It allows not only not to lose, but also to build up muscle mass along with fat loss. Strengths are also increasing. The results are retained for a long time after the completion of the S-4 reception.

With an increase in dosage and a decrease in caloric content, it is ideal for drying. Andarine allows not only to build up muscles, but also to add to them hardness and increase from elasticity. It also improves blood supply, which is important for high physical activity. The drug is well combined with other SARMs, in particular with Ostarin, which will enhance the anabolic effect.

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