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Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)

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Stranozolol Effects

1. The ability to give the athlete a musculature of quality and relief. On the stanozolol course should not expect a rapid increase in muscle. But their quality will be expressed to the maximum. Ideal drawing, external venous. What more could the athlete desire?
2. Minimizing fat deposits and liquid accumulations. Many athletes injected this drug into ligaments with other steroids precisely because of this feature.
3. Increased appetite.
4. High androgenic and anabolic action.
5. The absence of pobochek
6. Maximum manifestation of physical endurance and strength.
7. A rush of vital activity.
8. Absence of fatigue.
9. Increased efficiency.

Stanozolol solo course, use and dosage
As a rule, Winstrol is in demand on the course of drying, as it helps an athlete to build a qualitatively dried pile of muscles. Due to the lack of fat accumulation and water, it is possible to judge the application of the athlete on a vinstrol cycle.

Winstrol as to take, you can learn from our article, as well as from the instructions with which the steroid is sold. Before using the drug, the athlete must be as prepared as possible. The minimum time for exercise should be at least 4 years. Health should be at the highest level. The presence of chronic diseases is unacceptable. The course provides for observance of sports nutrition. This is necessary to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

· The recommended daily injecting dosage of Winstrol is 50 mg
· Tableted – 30 mg
· Duration of stanozolol is 5-8 weeks
· At the end of the course, the athlete needs to think about post-course therapy, which will help prevent the recoil effect and bring the physiological characteristics of the body back to normal

The injections should be placed at different points. This is necessary to ensure that the drug is evenly distributed throughout the blood and muscle fibers. During the first week of the course, athletes begin to observe increased activity, as a result of which the number of pressures increases. The athlete ceases to think about fatigue. The energy from it soars.

Winstrol in conjunction with other steroids

It is used to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the negative aspects. The best steroids for combination with Winstrol are: methandienone and anapolone. In this case, Winstrol contributes to the anabolic effect of the second steroid.

What Does Winstrol (Stanozolol) Do?

Winstrol reviews

Winstrol reviews athletes talk about minimizing fat accumulation, resulting in the drug is considered the best on the drying course. In addition, athletes note the quality of the newly built muscles.
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