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Injectable anabolic steroid preparations include active substances, which are released in the form of oily solutions or aqueous suspension.

Such drugs have high anabolic and androgenic activity and are widely used in weightlifting, triathlon, bodybuilding, bodyfitness and other sports. The purpose of such courses is  intensive set of muscle mass, drying and relief, increasing strength and stamina.


The oily solution differs from the aqueous suspension in that it has a uniform consistency, it does not have a precipitate. The aqueous suspension consists of very small particles (suspended matter) that do not dissolve in water, but can be stirred when they are shaken.

In general, anabolic steroids are produced on the basis of oil. The exception to the rules is Stanozolol and Aquatest, turanabol 20 which are aqueous suspensions. Also now, the aqueous suspension of Trenbolone (Androxine from Alfa Pharma) appeared on the market of sports pharmacology, which is an alternative to trenbolone in the form of an oil solution.


Often, athletes who use several injections in their course want to reduce the soreness of injections and reduce the number of injections and holes in the ass. Therefore, the actual question is how to mix injectable steroids without the risk of cones, abscesses and other unpleasant complications.

To date, pharmacological companies produce steroids dissolved in oil or water. Oily preparations are a homogeneous mass in which there is no sediment and crossfit suspensions. In turn, aqueous suspensions are a suspension of fine particles of the active component AAS in water. In this case, they can not completely dissolve, but only mix.

Since we know from the school that the oil can not dissolve in water, as it is easier for it, it is possible to mix only oil-based anabolics with similar ones. With water preparations they can not be interfered.

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Rule number 1. Oil solutions can be mixed only with oil solutions.

Rule No. 2.  Aqueous suspensions can only be mixed with aqueous suspensions.

For example: Stanozolol in injections can be combined in one syringe with Aquatest – an aqueous suspension of Testosterone; Testosterone in oil solution (propionate, enanthate, cypionate) can be pricked together with Nandrolone, etc.

Which steroids to choose: in tablets or in injections?

Beginners usually try to use only anabolics in tablets, rather than injections, avoiding injections for various reasons – to be afraid of painful injections, do not want to give injections because of the inconvenience of the application (there is no one to put the injections, but can not), or is experiencing on possible reactions in the form of the appearance of swelling, cones, abscesses, etc.

But over time, when the objectives of the courses increase, it becomes necessary to use combined courses that combine both steroids in tablets and steroids in injections. It must also be taken into account that many highly effective, indispensable drugs with a high anabolic index in tablets simply do not exist. This, for example, Trenbolon, Boldenon, Nandrolone.

Among other things, anabolic steroids in injections do not have toxic effects on the liver and are safer than the drugs produced in tablets.

How many times a week do I need to inject anabolic steroids?

1. Water suspensions are pricked every day.

2. Anabolic injections based on oily solutions are made, depending on the type of ether. If it is propionate, isocaproate, then injections need to be done every other day. In the case of esters with a long half-life (enanthate, decanoate, cypionate), injections should be given 2 times a week.


Using injectable AAS requires certain skills and knowledge from athletes. It is for this reason that beginners prefer tablets. Learn how to make injections correctly.

To successfully carry out a cycle of steroids using injectable anabolics, certain manipulations must be performed correctly. The most important points in the introduction of drugs is the correct location of the injection site, the choice of the syringe, the preparation of the steroid itself for use and strict adherence to the elementary rules of hygiene. Let’s see how to make injections correctly.

Where to stab AAS

When using all steroid drugs, regardless of the base (oil or water) are administered intramuscularly. In simple terms, you need to pierce the skin with a needle, the tissues located under it and insert a steroid inside the muscle. Most often, three parts of the body are used for this: the buttocks, deltas and the lateral surface of the thigh.

Since it is here that a large number of fibers are located, and the area of ​​the connective tissue membrane (connective tissue that separates the muscles from each other and covers them) is large enough, the drug after the injection has excellent chances to spread rapidly throughout the muscle tissue. The optimal place for the introduction of steroids will be the place where there are no large nerve fibers and blood vessels.

This place is the upper outer quarter of the buttocks. Orientation for its location can serve as a crest of the ilium, which is easy to grope just above the middle of the gluteal muscles. This is a very massive area and it practically lacks nerve fibers and large capillaries.

Also, with the introduction of drugs in this area, there is practically no possibility of damaging the sciatic nerve, which crosses the lower and middle parts of the gluteal muscles. This is a very important nerve, since it is he who is responsible for the work of the foot. If you accidentally touch it with the introduction of anabolic, then there is a strong pain sensation, and this part of the body will be paralyzed for a while.

No less important issue when using injectable AAS is the proper selection of a syringe. The most optimal is the use of syringes with a capacity of four milliliters and a needle diameter of 0.6-0.7 millimeters. In this case, their length should be 4.8 or 2.5 centimeters. Shorter needles can not penetrate deeply, and the solution does not fall into muscle tissue.

How to correctly administer the drug

Before the injection, you should thoroughly wash your hands, and then rub alcohol with the place of the alleged injection. It is also necessary to similarly process the rubber cap of the vial through which the needle passes for a steroid kit into the syringe.

Remove the plastic cap from the disposable syringe and draw air into it. After breaking the vial cap, let the air inside. This is necessary in order to increase the pressure inside, which will greatly facilitate the collection of the oil steroid. Turn the bottle upside down and start to slowly gain a little more than the required amount of the drug, about a quarter of a cubic centimeter.

For example, when you need to enter one anabolic cube, you need to get a quarter more cube into the syringe. After this, it is necessary to slightly tap on the syringe with your finger, so that all the air is lifted up. After this, the excess of the steroid is reintroduced into the vial, so that the amount of AAS necessary for the injection remains in the syringe.

Taking the needle from the bottle, tap on the syringe again. You should also change the needle to get the most sharpness. Wipe the site of the injection with alcohol and squeeze out the syringe air. Do this until the first drop of the drug appears. It must drain on the needle to give it extra lubrication.

It’s time for the introduction of the steroid. Use the syringe as if holding a dart ready for throwing. With the second hand, stretch the puncture site and insert the needle with a sharp movement. Begin slowly squeeze the drug. When the syringe is emptied, gently pull the piston upward to ensure that the capillary has not been penetrated. After that, quickly remove the needle and strongly push the injection site with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. It is very important to pay attention to the fact that the drug must be administered slowly in order to reduce pain.

How to properly prick in the buttock and thigh

When the drug is injected into the thigh, you should select the middle part of the outer surface for this. Mentally divide this section into three equal parts. For injection, only the average is suitable. It is also important to remember that in the thigh the prick can be placed only in the sitting position.

When you introduce AAS into the buttock, you need to mentally divide it into four equal parts. The injection should be placed in the upper outer part. Before the introduction of the steroid, you should transfer the weight of the body to the second leg, in order to relax the muscles at the site of the future puncture. Then everything is done as described in the previous paragraph.

What to do if the blood vessel is damaged

If you still hurt the capillary, then actually do not do anything already and do not. Although on the recommendation of health professionals need to get a needle and inject the drug elsewhere. But if you do not, and continue to enter the steroid, then nothing terrible will happen. At the puncture site, then a bruise is formed, which soon will resolve.

This type of steroids can be safely attributed to a more adult and serious type. Not many beginners dare to start their courses with injecting steroids, due to some kind of fear. But the truth is that injectable steroids are much more effective and safer, oral steroids. In this section you will find products for every taste injectable steroids such as Sustanon, testosterone propionate, testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, Deca, nandrolone phenylpropionate, Boldenone, Winstrol, Masteron, trenbolone acetate, trenbolone enanthate, tri-trenbolone, primobolan and methandienone injection.


One of the main advantages of steroid injection is the maximum effect, which is very difficult to achieve with a tablet form. The reason is that the injections are put on a straight line in the muscles and the drug enters the blood, thus not creating a long transport chain.

While the oral steroid takes time to enter the stomach and resorption, the steroid injecting course begins to work in a matter of minutes. In this case, since the kidneys are not included in the work, it also excludes any toxicity.

Many athletes refer to the advantages of a rarity of use. Sometimes enough 1 injection injectable anabolic steroids a week and this will ensure that you saturate with the necessary substances for a long time. Tablets, in turn, must be drunk every day and several times. Do not forget to do correct and timely post-course therapy with drugs for pkt, as well as to increase the results from the course, add peptides to your “compote”.


Injectable anabolic steroids have always stood and will cost more than their younger brothers. And there is a reason for this, it lies in maximum efficiency and safety. Therefore, many experienced athletes stop exactly on injecting steroids.

In our store you can buy the best injectable steroids of absolutely any brand and content. All the most eminent brands and products are presented in full. Injectable anabolics are something you do not need to be afraid of.

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