Muscular Monster Hulk – Iran’s new weapon!

Muscular Monster Hulk – Iran’s new weapon!

Sajjad Gharibi (Iranian Hulk): Parameters, Success Story

 Sajjad Gharibi  – was born on January 30, 1992 in Iran. Iranian powerlifter, also engaged in bodybuilding and boxing. For the first time Sajjad went to the hall at the age of 15, he did not like it very much, everything around him was bigger and stronger than him. But from this his desire to play sports has not died out, and after a while, he became the biggest and strongest guy in the hall.

Probably, in every city there is a guy with such parameters, and his strengths are not beyond, and a high percentage of subcutaneous fat. The main difference from the other big guys, in its absolutely frank form, unnaturally huge arms, a trapezoid and a back, thus there is no big stomach. However, what’s there to explain, you see everything yourself, a massive guy, with the physique of the Hulk.

As for training and nutrition , Sajab Garibi does not disclose his secrets, but I think without it, it’s not difficult to guess that his training is more in an elevator style. Basic exercises, bench press, sit-ups and deadlifts. Judging by the percentage of subcutaneous fat, he neglects cardio training, and sweats only in the ring when he is engaged in boxing. As for the diet, it is unlikely that he has a strict diet. A typical dietary ration based on high-carbohydrate and high-calorie food, in order to have the strength and energy to lift large weights, still likes carbonated drinks.

Modesty decorates

Sajjad Gharibi was born in Hamadan, grew up in Bushehr, and received a iranian hulk  diploma in economics there. Now he works in his father’s real estate agency, but his main activity is sport. For ten years, Sajjad has been powerlifting. The weight of the “Hulk” (one of the nicknames of the Iranian) is 165 kg with a height of 184 cm. He says that the the iranian hulk genes of the grandfather, who was a hero in zurkhan played a big role.

Raises Sajjad 180 kg. For a person with such a complexion, this is not such a big weight, but Garibi does not hurry to call himself the strongest man in the world. In his Instagram account, he writes: “The circumference of my hand is about 75 cm, and this, of course, without the use of any steroids for sale. I do not call myself the iranian hulk height most muscular man. I’ll be happy to see someone with the same size iranian hulk of hands as I have …

Love for your country

If you look at Instagram-posts of our hero, you can understand: he is not only interested in sports, but also immensely loves Iran, and also reveres his religion.

iranian hulk

A zealous post dedicated to Trump: “… Americans are friendly to me, but I hate Trump. This is the Persian Gulf, and it has always been so. This is my country. I am willing to shed blood only for my country, but I did not allow my enemies to look at my land. I am ready to fall for the sacred land of Iran. 

Kindness and helping people

The militancy of the Hulk is surprisingly combined with kindness. In one of the posts Garibi told about how he visited the boarding school for children with disabilities: “Recently, when visiting a boarding house for people with disabilities, I met a beautiful angel named Afarin. I’ve never iranian hulk height and weight seen a more innocent being, honestly … Afarin in my heart. ” Is not that cute?

Sajjad always tries to help his friends and family. And the only thing that can make him angry – when you can not help: “At the age of 20 I was called a” tank. ” Before university I was the iranian hulk angry and nervous. There were problems with bad people. And all because when I saw iranian hulk that someone needs help, I hurried to help a man out. But you can not help everyone. That’s what annoyed me. Now I realized that I should be strong, calm and help within my capabilities. ”

Hulk evil … Hulk wants to destroy the “Islamic state” …

24-year-old powerlifter Sajjad Garibi received the nickname “Hulk” because of his size. He has more than 134 thousand subscribers in Instagram. According to Garibi himself, his weight is 156 kg, and he raises 180 kg. Garibi says that his physique is obliged to genetics – and not doping, photo editors or other machinations, as someone iranian hulk height might think. Indeed, some had suspicions that photos of the athlete were edited in Photoshop, but no one could undermine his popularity on the Internet.

Given its weight and fame, 180 kg is not too big a figure. The compatriot Garibi Hossein Rezazadeh (Hossein Rezazadeh) at the 2004 Olympics raised 263 kilos in a jerk. But Garibi is not aimed at Olympic the iranian hulkmedals, instead he wants to compete in wrestling, as he iranian hulk instagram himself wrote in Instagram.

But the Iranian instagram is not like a typical pitching blog (solid food and exercise). Sadjad publishes, of course, his simply stunningly huge figure without a shirt and modest pictures from everyday life. He also likes to take pictures with any objects that look tiny compared to him.

Yes, unless he goes to fight with IGIL. This conclusion was made by foreign media, although in his posts in social networks there is no direct indication that intentions are serious. For example, Garibi wrote that he wanted to “protect Shiite holy places in Syria from invaders from IGIL,” notes International Business Times.

And this would not cause much surprise. Iran is deeply involved in the conflict with IGIL. He sends troops to help the governments of Iraq and Syria. He supports local militias, including the Lebanese Hezbollah, which fights in Syria, as well as Syrian militias, Iranian Shiites and armed groups consisting of Afghan refugees, including children. Human rights organizations report that such groups are fighting in Syria under pressure and coercion.

“They left us no choice, they forced us to train and fight. They said “you will fight in Syria and become a martyr, this is a good thing.” We were all coerced, who were physically able to fight, “said 17-year-old Masheed Ahmadzai of the American organization Human Rights Watch.

Hardly anyone believes that the Hulk can play a decisive role on the battlefield. But this does not mean that his potential participation in the war does not matter for Iran. The war in Syria, which because of IGIL spread to Iraq, is probably more often than other iranian hulk modern wars accompanied by PR battles on various sites and social networks.

iranian hulk height

This concerns the “Islamic state”, known for its brutal and frightening propaganda, but also for other groups that use video recordings and mailings to seek sponsors and threaten their enemies. To neutralize dangerous signals from IGIL on the Internet, the iranian hulk height and weight vast forces of the enemies of the terrorist group are mobilizing, which seek to counteract its propaganda.

One of the most famous examples of such a fight with IGIL is Abu Azrael, a member of the Shiite militia in Iraq, who gained international fame as a war hero against the “Islamic state”.

However, the problem lies in the fact that Abu Azrael can hardly be called a symbol of human rights and an acceptable manner of conducting wars in accordance with international norms, as we already wrote earlier.

Abu Azrael belongs to the Shiite militia, which has become notorious among the Sunnis because of the numerous attacks in Iraq. For example, there is a video in which Abu Azrael burns people alive, who he claims were the militants of IGIL.

iranian hulk height and weight

In other words, a person does not become a positive hero only because he is fighting against IGIL. From this perspective, Sajid Garibi evokes much more sympathy, at least in terms of what can be seen in his Instagram.

Another question is whether he really intends to go to Syria and fight with IGIL. In any case, in the propaganda war against terrorism, iranian hulk the demand for superstars is great. A famous giant with a lot of subscribers is useful in the fight, and it does not matter, his muscles are real or drawn in a photo editor.

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