“Hulk steroids”: or Bodybuilder taking steroids for 27 years in a row – PHOTOS

“Hulk steroids”: or Bodybuilder taking steroids for 27 years in a row – PHOTOS

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Meet a bodybuilder who has been taking steroids for 27 years and says that it suits him. And in bodybuilding, and in the life of Rich Pian follows a simple motto: “At any cost,” transfers with reference to hulkroids.net.

Now Rich is 45 years old, and from the age of 18 he uses anabolic steroids. Steroids sustanon 250 multiplied by hard work in the gym and a specific diet give insane, as you can see, the results.

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He always wanted to be the best – at any cost. Rich Piana was the winner of the bodybuilding competition in Los Angeles in 2003 and in Sacramento in 2009, he achieved a lot – but is still not ready to stop.

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Incredible: he wants to become even bigger. And what he does for this: taking steroids, nine meals a day, working in a room that is beyond the strength of a mere mortal, and protein shakes in huge quantities. Now the weight of Rich is 140 kilograms.

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Rich Piana shares his results daily in social networks. Many people criticize him for promoting steroids and are firing the last words. Piane always answers that this is his body and his choice, and he does not regret his choice for a minute.


“If you have the opportunity to do without steroids – fine, do not take them.”

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“If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, guess what will happen.” Most likely, you can not get away from steroids, you will not have another option. ”

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“I participated in competitions and the Laymans Guide Episode moment came when I had to make a choice: either I fly out, or start taking steroids. And I went for it, jumped into this boat and I’m still in it.”


“But you know that: I am happy with my choice and my life pleases me.” I do not regret any decision about my decision. “Health is all right, everything is fine.”

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In the photos – with his wife Sarah. The couple got married in 2015.

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