General characteristics of the drug Turanabol 20

General characteristics of the drug Turanabol 20

Turanabol 20 (the pharmaceutical name “chlorohydromethyltestosterone“) is a steroid androgen preparation, an anabolic one. By its action it is quite similar to methandrostenolone. Turanabol tablets are a form of release. The most important difference from “methane” is the presence of one more chlorine atom in the chemical formula on the fourth carbon atom. 

Development of Turanabol 20

It was developed exactly as an androgenic anabolic drug for athletes of East Germany from the late 50’s. And the 1960s in the GDR were marked by a breakthrough in sports and medical pharmacology, which helped to speed up the results and recover after the competitions. Highly effective steroids, which were tested by a whole group, are aimed at a high anabolic effect and minor side problems of the body. In most cases, a series of drugs was based on a combination of methandrostenolone and oxandrolone.

Steroid characteristics profile:

  • Compared with testosterone, the androgenic effect is about 50%.
  • But the impact of anabolic – all 180%.
  • Low ability of transition to estrogens.
  • Moderately small impact on the endocrine system.
  • But for the liver is highly toxic.
  • Supplied in tablet form.
  • Effective 12-16 hours.

manufacturers of TuranabolDoping control reveals the remains of a substance that was taken less than 250 days ago.

Those. These profile characteristics of Turanabol 20 report that the drug is effective for the growth of “dry” muscle mass with minimal side effects.

Unlike popular testosterone, which should be used in the complex, Turanabol – a solo for beginners – is almost the optimal and safe option. Moreover, oral administration of small doses of Turanabol is sometimes prescribed to women for therapeutic purposes (fusion and recovery of muscles after trauma).
But professionally competing athletes should remember that Turanabol belongs to prolonged fat-soluble metabolites, that is why it is easily determined on doping tests and at the same time it is almost very difficult to disguise it by special farm agents.

Possible effects from reception:

The main expected effect is the increase in muscle mass in its dry expression. Correctly calculated dose and performed according to all the rules of the course of reception + the appropriate training load can give about 4-6 kg per month and a half. It should take into account the characteristics of the body, the type of addition, the speed of metabolism, the intensity of training, etc.


  • The growth of strength indicators.
  • Increased stamina.
  • Minimal (or no) estrogenic reactions.
  • Decrease in the concentration of SHBG globulin, which negatively affects sex hormones.
  • The blood level increases in free testosterone.
  • Prevention (leveling of risk) of the cardiovascular system from blood clots.

In principle, the drug can be called methandrostenolone, but one that does not contribute to water retention in the muscles. When taking Turanabol, you should not expect an immediate effect – it acts slowly on a cumulative basis, and the effect lasts for a long time after the course ends.
It is worth remembering that a smaller concentration of globulin (responsible for binding of sex hormones) quite effectively stimulates the action of other AAS. More experienced bodybuilders for mass building can apply the Turanabol course in combination with other steroid pharmacies.

The principle of taking Turanabol 20:

Since this pharma was actively used in the training of athletes of the GDR, the optimal dosages were Turanabol 20calculated and tested in practice by many hundreds of professionals with careful medical control of the work of all body systems.

Therefore, now almost any person can be guided by the research done and the calculation of the course of admission, regarding their individual parameters and the level of health. It is advisable to take simple blood and urine tests before the beginning of the course.

Sufficient visible effect is achieved from an initial 20-40 mg / day. Moreover, it is desirable to evenly distribute the intake of doses and distribute them three times. This helps maintain a stable level of hormonal background and the concentration of the substance in the body. In addition, a divided into three doses reduces the single load on the liver. But the pros do not always adhere to rational doses and try to increase them to 100 and more mg / day. Unfortunately, without incidental negative factors this can not do. Be careful!

We accept solo:

In order to determine the optimal dosage for a particular person, you need to know its weight, height, degree of physical training, health status and expected loads, take a blood test and take into account other factors (up to the diet).

Although the estimated doses were indicated above. For the first course, 20 mg / day is sufficient. If the athlete himself has a large mass (weight and height above the average), then the dose can be increased to 40 mg / day. And, this applies to athletes of power sports.

For runners, skiers, boxers, etc. – the dose of turanabol does not exceed 10-20 mg / day – you need not muscle mass, but higher endurance and speed indicators.
For therapeutic purposes, turanabol is prescribed in smaller doses (5 mg / day) – to accelerate the healing of injured muscles.

With all the rules and the condition of taking the drug solo, its effect is almost safe for the body. And it gives an obvious positive effect of gaining weight and increasing sports performance.

Combi courses

Often together with testosterone enanthate, Turanabol is taken by experienced athletes specifically for muscular mass. The proportions of the combined course are as follows: Turanabol-20 mg / day in three divided doses. Testosterone – up to 250 mg / week (how to “break” it into doses – read in the corresponding article). The course is usually 6-week. He begins with turanabol and finishes it (that is, after the last enanthate we drink turinobol for another week).

Post-course therapy

If the course was less than 6 weeks and in sparing (up to 20 mg / day) doses, then therapy can be avoided.
When leaving a more intensive course to restore the hormonal balance of the body, Tamoxifen therapy is administered. This is an estrogen receptor blocker. His reception is usually not accompanied by the use of anti-estrogen or gonadotropin.

Negative pobochka

As mentioned above, Turanabol 20 is an alkylated steroid. Therefore, it does not break down when passing through the liver and is quite toxic to it. Its negative effect is similar to methandrostenolone. In Turanaboladdition, there are no more side effects. Yes, and with a healthy liver doses of up to 40 mg / day – virtually no significant damage to the body.

To a real danger for the liver, you need to “hit” it with a dose of 4 times more!

Problems can occur if the medication before the course is not passed, if the duration and dosage are chosen incorrectly and the use is not evenly – without any compliance with the schedule.

Excessively exceeding the duration of the course is not recommended because of the weakening of the internal glands of internal secretion of testosterone.

Manufacturers of Turanabol

The drug is quite effective, popular and inexpensive at cost. And also it is not enough difficult in manufacture. Therefore, its release is established by many pharmaceutical companies. For us, the most available Moldovan Vermodje, Balkan Pharmaceuticals. But the most qualitative ones are European ones from Jenafarm (Germany) and British British Dragon and British Dispensary.

Reviews about Turanabol 20 after the first course

Reviews in general are quite monotonous, since there is no special “variety” in pills and problems with dosage and individual reactions of the body. The formula of the drug is reconciled long ago and worked out on many athletes in various sports. The active substance works predictably for everyone without “surprises”.
Therefore, most often discussed is how to take the drug with maximum efficiency, what loads and the regime of training and nutrition give. And also – who from manufacturers to buy.
In recent years the Moldovan supplier of Balkan Pharmaceuticals is pleased with the rapid growth of quality and reasonable prices.


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