Flex Wheeler cycle

Flex Wheeler cycle

Every “iron” athlete probably knows the name of Kenneth “Flex” Wheeler, the repeated winner of the tournaments Ironman Pro, Arnold Classic and the prize-winner Mr. Olympia. For 18 years, Flex Wheeler cycle, nicknamed Sultan Symmetry, was taking anabolic steroids masteron 200. By the way, to take these drugs, Kenny began with eighteen years of enthusiasm for power sports and martial arts.

As a result, his body swelled and his muscles became so large that, according to him, he began to resemble supercacha from some kind of comic book. His body possessed “alien” parameters – incredibly large and round muscles, a miniature waist and impressive legs. Naturally, to achieve this appearance, he took steroids, pricked and swallowed the pills and did not think about and tormented himself with the question of whether it was worth taking them at all. He was a bodybuilder, and bodybuilders take steroids. In any case, if their goal is competitions and magazine covers.

Flex Wheeler

Now Flex Wheeler cycle is 46 years old and his championship in bodybuilding remains in the past. However, even now he takes steroids. He is now forced to continue their reception because of the kidney transplantation operation and Everything About Fat Loss another five subsequent operations. Catabolic steroids, which he now takes, are designed to reduce the muscle mass that Wheeler so diligently pumped with steroids of a different type.
Flex Wheeler cycle lives in the town of East San Jose with his wife and two children. It would be a good time to stop taking steroids, but he still accepts them. “It’s both funny and sad,” he says. “At last the moment has come in life, when I do not want to take anything more, but I have to do it.

flex wheeler cycleIf I want to live. ” Regarding kidney problems, Flex Wheeler cycle claims that they were inherited. In his opinion, the harm that was inflicted on his kidneys is nothing more than a combination of heredity, the influence of steroids, which could speed up the process, as well as psychological side effects, such as mood swings and aggression. It is the mood swings that Flex Wheeler cycle considers even more significant in the minus than the physical side effects. He also admits that other sports pharmacology has done a lot of harm to himself, at least take the same diuretics, from an overdose of which he once nearly died.

“The news is now just talking about steroids, that’s why everyone is discussing them, but there are a lot of other drugs taken by bench press athletes that can harm the body,” Willer said.
He hopes that his experience and example will serve as a good lesson for all athletes who will decide to take steroids and other pharmacology to achieve the results. By the way in the case of the company, whose drugs were used, being banned, by many athletes, is led by the FBI. This company “Balco Laboratories”, specializing in the production of food additives in the city of Burlingame. Dozens of well-known sportsmen who took forbidden drugs were interviewed, according to Wheeler’s words, reception is similar to playing Russian roulette.

But when asked about specific drugs and their dosage, Flex does not answer evasively, arguing that such revelations will invariably lead to the fact that many guys after that will rush to repeat everything exactly. After all, the cases when the youngsters sat down on chemistry, To be like Flex. ” And the account of such unwittingly planted on pharmacology Fleksom goes to dozens of young athletes. And he does not want to bear such a responsibility.

Not so long ago, the biography of the athlete “Flex Ability” was published, where he frankly tells the story of his life. It turns out that he was a native of a poor family from the city of Fresno, was tormented by low self-esteem. In addition, he at a young age was a victim of corruption, as a result of which he tried to commit suicide. And at the age of fifteen, he already had a child, a daughter. In general, the classical biography of the “unhappy teenager”. Actually playing sports, in particular bodybuilding and martial arts, may not have saved Wheeler, but the direction in life he was asked.

At one time, no less famous Arnold Schwarzenegger called Flex Wheeler and Hulk Roids one of the best bodybuilders he had ever met. At the peak of his form, Wheeler was able to overtake only the king of bodybuilding Ronnie Coleman.

Flex Wheeler today

And earlier, when all the victories and titles were still somewhere ahead, it was necessary to “do” your body. And such an amazing body he could not create without help – the help of steroids. So he started to take them. Then he was only 18. This was followed by a magical transformation. Flex Wheeler cycle writes that the transformation that happened to him simply shocked him, he seemed to himself a wizard, waving a wand that made himself an ideal body. Then, he confesses, I could spend hours standing in front of a mirror, looking at my body, and I could not believe that all these muscles belong to me.

It never occurred to Wheeler that he was doing something wrong when taking steroids. That was the norm. Especially for bodybuilders. Even though these drugs were illegal, unless some of them were prescribed by a doctor. This was a necessity. During his stay as a prison guard, the prisoners gave Willer the nickname “Officer Steroid.” “All I knew were steroids,” Wheeler recalls, “and no one really betrayed it. Besides, it’s not some kind of heroin. I did not take crack or other rubbish and did not make a mistake on the doorways with drug dealers.
The payment did not take long. In 1994, Flex got into a terrible car accident, because of which he almost fell paralyzed. He had to start almost from scratch, But he returned with surprising speed to the highest places in the competitions. But this in no way was associated with taking steroids. But increased aggressiveness and big health problems – it was.

Flex Wheeler 2017 Training for Comeback at 51 years old

Flex Wheeler workout

To fully prepare for the competition, Wheeler was required to undergo a “steroid course” with an approximate cost of about $ 10,000. Although Wheeler did not have to pay for it directly from his wallet, “star” status came to the rescue. Actually I had to pay in a different sense – health. And this he felt in full force, when he decided to quit with chemistry.

flex wheeler

This made him aggressive and irritable. Wheeler says that if you are tuning up to storm iron all day long, you can not then simply take and turn off this attitude in an inappropriate situation. Therefore, you throw yourself at the first one that comes to your arm, like rushing to the barbell or dumbbells in the hall. And almost nothing to do with this you can not, so irritability, even for trifles, you are provided, and in general nerves are not going to hell.
As a rule, bodybuilders are aware not only of the physical, but also of the mental risk of taking steroids, but they accept it and agree to this for the sake of victories. “If I won the national title and, posing, died right on the stage – I would die on the happiest day of my life. – One of his colleagues told Wheeler. Crazy, is not it? That guy did not joke at all, flew off the spool, not otherwise. And Flex Wheeler cycle himself was hypocritical, agreeing to tear off his life for several years. And he was to a greater extent nachhat on this. Is it not sad?

More than once Willer found himself in a hospital room because of terrible kidney pains, when he overdosed with a dose of diuretics. As you know, they have the strongest diuretic effect, removing water from the body and drying out the body. This makes the athlete on stage more attractive. Doctors repeatedly warned Flex Wheeler cycle that he was risking his life, but he did not finish taking steroids. In 1997, there was another serious health incident, after which Wheeler made the final decision to engage with chemistry. But this decision is not fulfilled.
The fact is that the situation is akin to a hit between an anvil and a hammer – after all, when you stop taking chemistry, then you can no longer participate in competitions and earn money, so you can put a cross on you. That’s such a vicious circle.
Time passed and, in 2000, Wheeler was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis – segmented homerulosclerosis. But since it is a disease inherent mainly in African-American men, Wheeler denied his direct influence on the development of the disease, and wrote off everything on heredity. But, nevertheless, it was again decided to end taking steroids. After taking the third place in the “Mr. Olympia” he decides to leave bodybuilding.

According to Willer himself to quit with chemistry, he was helped by none other than his friend Victor Conte Jr., who was an employee of Balco Laboratories, who was in the center of a steroid scandal. By the way, the US Anti-Doping Committee issues charges to Conte in the distribution of the new THG steroid, but Wheeler himself categorically denies these charges, That Conte only helped him compete, providing mineral supplements.
But the losses in the volumes of Wheeler still could not be avoided. And, deciding to participate in Olympia in 2002, perhaps the most prestigious bodybuilding competition, he takes only seventh place with a weight of only 96 kilograms, against his former weight of 109.

Flex Wheeler now

Stopping taking steroids, Wheeler was surprised how you can train without them, because Fatigue piled up after a couple of hours of training. Given that on steroids, he could exercise almost all day, feeling a tremendous amount of energy. It is logical that the lack of victories and overproduction even more affected the financial situation of Wheeler, which led him back to taking steroids. He hoped that one day he would be able to earn a huge amount of money, Which allows you to solve all his problems in the financial plan, and then he certainly will be able to say goodbye to chemistry. But he had to do it much sooner than he could imagine. Speaking only in one competition, he very much regretted the return to steroids stopped taking them.

The reason for such a sudden stopping of taking steroids is a sharp deterioration in the state of the kidneys until their complete failure. To save Flex Wheeler cycle the life of the church, the parishioner of which he was listed, found him a donor, for which he is grateful to them until now.

According to Dr. Linna Goldberg of the University of Health and Science in Portland, Oregon, who works there as a steroid expert, renal and tumor failure is not the only health problem that athletes, Taking steroids and other sports pharmacology. He also said that the real side effects of steroids were practically not investigated. After all, bodybuilders take them so much that the hormonal background caused by this can not be found in nature. Naturally because of this, all organs are exposed to unsafe effects. With regards to Flex Wheeler cycle, Dr. Goldberg is confident that his kidney problems were caused precisely by the intake of these drugs.

Flex himself agreed only with the fact that steroids accelerated pathology in the kidneys, but without them the disease would overtake him sooner or later. And also complains about the high protein diet and the high doses of potassium that he took. In his opinion, they could do no less harm than steroids. However, he most likely understands perfectly, That such statements will be perceived by other people as self-deception and unwillingness to recognize steroids as the main cause of their problems.

Flex Wheeler workout routine

professional bodybuilder

Actually the majority and so will say that all the problems from sports pharmacology, but man by nature is such that he believes in what he wants to believe.
But, despite all this, and Flex himself warns about the danger of taking steroids, saying that athletes who take them must fully realize the possible consequences of their reception and all the danger. For a person who has reached the level of Wheeler to stay away from problems – it is almost impossible. Sometimes even one mistake is enough. And there are drugs with which one mistake can be enough.

But let us return directly to Wheeler and his state of health. After a successful kidney transplant, complications arose, Which led to the need to conduct five more operations. One of the last operations was on the leg, from where the liquid was removed. After that, Flex Wheeler cycle had to take about ten drugs, each of which was much more dangerous than taking steroids. This affected the appearance – the athlete almost ceased to recognize on the streets, and if they did, they were mistaken for their own brother.

Despite the fact that the world of big sports, competitions and astronomical revenues has been left behind, Willer is not in poverty now. Flex works for the post of Executive Director for Media and Public Relations at All American EFX (the company specializes in sports nutrition) in Bakersfield, California. Also it can be seen in commercials or posters of the company. Flex loves to wear bright colorful things and expensive cars. However, Even if Flex Wheeler cycle cuts through the city on an expensive car, this does not mean that he’s doing a great job: nobody really knows who Flex-Wheeler is.

But he himself is clearly pleased that his “double” life with the need for constant lies due to steroids has remained in the past. For him, this is both joy and pain at the same time, but he is glad that he has got out of this and does not miss the joy of every moment of life.

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