Crossfit for beginners

Crossfit for beginners

You need to start small, and then everything will be much easier. To hurry it is crossfit necessary in what. Only in this way can you achieve the desired result.

Surely, most people do not know what the crossfit is really fashionable in the modern world. But in the modern world, many athletes face this almost every day in training. What is a CrossFit? This is a training, during which all exercises are performed in a circle, consistently. At what there is no break for rest or it is minimal in time.

In cross-training programs there are advantages, but shortcomings are also available, but after all, other programs are also not ideal. In such a program, they basically train using multi-joint exercises.

CrossFit for Beginners

It is important to note that CrossFit is designed for people with a good level of physical fitness, because such exercises combine activities such as interval running, rowing , jumping rope, climbing the rope, and various options for weight training with or without weight.

Beginners who have zero level of training (that is, who can not pull up and are not able to run 500 meters in a sprint mode) are recommended preliminary training with a coach in a regular gym. In this case, the transition to CrossFit will be faster and safer.

CrossFit: the pros and cons

The main advantage of training this system of training is the comprehensive development of the body – improving both the strength characteristics, and the response rates and overall endurance. Beginners engaged in CrossFit, literally with each training feel more athletic.

The main disadvantage of CrossFit is the increased risk of injury for beginners, who do not want to spend time on detailed study of the technique of performing exercises, but only aspiring to show the best results possible, performing exercises faster than all and with the heaviest weight.

CrossFit – what are these exercises?

  1. Squats
  2. Push ups
  3. Thrusts
  4. Pull-ups
  5. Shocks
  6. Jerk

Thus, it becomes possible to use all the necessary muscles in the work. And during such exercises you can perform exercises with your own weight. It’s about jumping and push-ups, and pull-ups. Do not forget about the exercises from the section of aerobics – they are also an integral part of the crossfit. As a result of the hybrid load, there is a combination of two trainings – power and cardio.

Important training rules

If you want crossfit to be useful and effective, then it is extremely important to comply with these rules. They apply to everyone: both beginners and experienced athletes.


Health is above all, and the crossfire is no exception. Therefore:

  • Be sure to follow the technique of doing the exercises;
  • Be sure to do warm-up before training – both joint and muscle ( trauma in crossfire – a fairly common phenomenon and the most common reason lies just in it);
  • At first, do not chase after the records and large scales – enter the mode gradually.

Nutrition and Recovery

Effective training, proper healthy diet and quality recovery (rest) – these are the three components of a successful athlete. If at least 1 of these points falls, then all the benefits of the training fall.

  • Let the body relax (preferably at the very beginning of training to be engaged in a mode 2 days a week, then smoothly go to 3. And if you feel very well, you can go to 4 workouts a week – but at 4 it is necessary to go after at least half a year and if you are setting big tasks for yourself).
  • Proper nutrition. Perhaps, the most hackneyed topic. But nevertheless, if you train hard and have everything, then there will be little use from training. After all, if you increase the mass, then there is nothing to grow from; and if you lose weight, the surplus of calories consumed per day will not allow you to do this even in spite of the abundance of training.

Scaling in a crossfit

Many beginning athletes do not attach importance to such a concept as scaling in a crossfit. What is the essence? For example, the time of execution of the complex and the exercises that it uses will be the same for both the professional and the beginner athlete. That is, they both start simultaneously and finish the same tasks at the same time. What then is the difference between them? In the scales.

So in order for you to have progress in the crossfit you need to regularly scale your workouts – gradually step by step to strive for greater weights and as a result the results.

The main features of training

crossfitSuch exercises are variable – training programs are constantly changing. There are 3 basic concepts on which loads are built during the exercise:

  1. Not considering the time.
  2. Putting the maximum amount of work for the delivered period of time.
  3. Reducing the time for doing the same job.

Option number 1 – we work, not considering the time

Here you need to select several exercises that will maximize the use of inventory, as well as our skills. All exercises must be performed without rest and stopping – in a certain sequence. It will be one round – a round. There should be a total of 3 to 6 laps. And the dependence is inversely proportional.

If you can not immediately do everything that is planned, then break the task into parts, so it will be much easier. It is very important to correctly build the order of the exercise – do not put next to those exercises that are aimed at the same muscle groups.

Load option # 2 – accommodate more approaches in a certain period of time

This is a more difficult task – for a certain period of time, you should be able to make as many approaches as possible. Counting rounds is allowed only after the complete circle is completed. Then you can proceed to the next lesson. It is necessary to conduct classes without excessive overloads – taking too high a goal in terms of quantity, you can not have time to move on to the next exercise. It is important not to do many repetitions in one approach, but to increase the approaches themselves. The more they are there, the more effective the training will be.

Option # 3 – reduce the time it takes to perform a cross-program

Here you yourself have to decide how many rounds you will make with the total number of repetitions of the exercise – it must be performed as a result in all rounds.

benefits of crossfit

Energy training

During classes, various ways of providing the body with energy are possible – it all depends on the severity and duration of the program.

If we consider the existing methods of energy supply, then during the cross-phyte, glycolysis is more actively used. The same applies to oxidation. As for resynthesis from creatine phosphate, this method is used much less – exclusively in the first circles.

It is very important to know that long-term cross-over work allows a large amount of accumulation of oxidation products in muscles. This is due to glycolysis. As a result, an increase in the supply of oxygen is required in order for the possibility of elimination to appear. If the training is inadequate, oxygen debt is possible.

Now in the cross-program, the method of tabata is used, when both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems are immediately used in the complex.

Benefits of CrossFit

  • Versatility
  • Variety of workouts
  • There is no need to use doping in order to achieve the goal
  • Wellness

Disadvantages of CrossFit

  • No specialization
  • Muscles grow worse than in bodybuilding
  • Harm to muscles and heart

It is necessary to begin training with small loads, so as not to overload your body and do no harm. After all, the task of training is to be strong, energetic, enduring. So, it is necessary to go to the goal and not to stop before any difficulties and obstacles. Only the right approach to classes will give the best result.

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