Carrot Top steroids: Rumors or Veracity

Carrot Top steroids: Rumors or Veracity

Carrot Top steroids is the stage name of the American Scott Thompson. Carrot became famous as a parodist, stand-up comic and showman. He is also an actor in film and television, but the number of his works in this field is not too great.

Throughout his career, Carrot Top steroids attracted everyone’s attention with his unconventional appearance, as if specially created for a comedy role. Red naughty clownish hair, a wide smile and a lively facial expression of his face allowed him to look funny and hilarious in any situation. Yes, and the charisma was not a comic book. Carrot Top steroids

However, age-related changes have also affected the ever-moving showman. In an effort to preserve the unique features of his face, Carrot Top steroids resorts to a number of plastic surgeries on his face. The exact list of changes is unknown, but there is reason to believe that the surgical intervention was suffered by the comedian’s brows, which today look unnaturally curved, as well as all the facial skin that is too smooth and stretched for a 46-year-old man.

Whether it was laser exposure or one of the types of chemical peeling, but the actor’s face is more like a scary animated mask than a real man’s face. So the funny grin of a comedian scares people rather than laughs.

Career of Carrot Top steroids

“Comedy of props”

The comic repertoire of Carrot Top includes jokes based on the use of dozens of elements of the props, which are stored in special containers on the stage. Getting an object, he, as a rule, ironically describes it and throws it aside. Many of these items are created specifically for the show, such as a necklace with miniature “grandfather clock”, which was used to make a parody of the image of rapper Flavor Flava.

In 2011, Carrot Top sold out at Luxor’s Las Vegas hotel, warming up the audience with comedy gags before the main show, for which he was proclaimed “Comic of the Year”.


Carrot Top never used steroids

In 1996, Carrot Top appears in the episode Anavar For Sale of the animated show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which appeared on the air of the channel Cartoon Network.

January 16, 2010, in conjunction with the illusionists Penn and Teller, took part in the reality game show Do not Forget The Lyrics! In the fight for a prize of one million dollars. Repeatedly appeared as guest guest on the TV series Mind Freak. On February 8 of the same year, being invited to the “Jay Leno Show”, was subjected to “shelling” of pies from the host and another guest of the program of Emma Roberts.

Also appeared in one of the episodes of the TV show Tosh.0, where he received a full body massage from presenter Daniel Tosh.

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