Bodybuilding and Trenbolone 200

Bodybuilding and Trenbolone 200

Trenbolone 200 is a revolutionary new tool aimed at accelerated synthesis of proteins and increase in strength during training. The drug of steroid nature is produced in several forms and is intended for use exclusively by men.

Correct performance of strength exercises promotes the rapid growth and strengthening of muscle fibers. By the way, if you need a qualitative set of muscle mass with a minimal pullback, you can familiarize yourself with such a drug as – sustanon 250 . Speeding up useful processes, as well as leveling the harmful effects of metabolic products during bodybuilding, will be assisted by powerful steroid anabolics, among which Trenbolone (Parabolan) occupies a special place. It is a relatively harmless stimulant that effectively accelerates metabolism, and also neutralizes the action of lactic acid and removes toxins.

Interesting fact

The initial forms of the drug were used in veterinary medicine as a means of increasing appetite in animals. As a result of the chemical modification, new biologically active forms of the preparation were obtained, which became the basis of the correct nutrition of bodybuilding athletes all over the world.

The drug has a complex anabolic effect and has the following action:

  • Activates the processes of leasing lipids (fat burning).
  • Reduces the synthesis of cortisol.
  • Increases the secretion of growth hormone growth hormones.
  • Increases the contractility of muscle tissue (increased strength).
  • Pharmacologists received new bioforms of Trenbolone:
  • Trenbolone acetate (Trenbolone 75).
  • Enanthate of Trenbolone.
  • Methylated cyclohexyl carbonate (Parabolan).

Among the most effective and popular forms is the acetate modification of the drug.

Acetate and Enanthate Trenbolana

The success of the acetate and enanthrate forms is explained by the high bioavailability and good digestibility. These modifications have the shortest action time since the first reception. Acetate residues actively interact with peptide fibers, and the intermediate products are concentrated in adipose tissue, from where they are removed during the decay of lipids. The enanthate ester is excreted a little longer than its acetate analogue. A minus of this form can be noted high frequency of the drug. Biological activity of the drug persists for 7-10 days, the number of daily injections is from 1 to 2 receptions of 300 mg.

Trenbolone 200Trenbolone’s enanthate is the most potent steroid anabolic for building muscle mass. Due to its high bioactivity and a short half-life, the drug should be consumed several times daily. Among the minor side effects after taking can be noted neurosis, overexcitation, gusts of aggression, temporary jumps in blood pressure, and sweating at night. Side effects are noted in rare cases and are associated with the individual characteristics of the athlete’s body.

All forms of Trenbolon practically do not affect the hormonal balance and do not increase the natural secretion of growth hormones, unlike many synthetic anabolics. Also, these funds do not contribute to the accumulation of excess fluid and have a weak cumulative effect (do not accumulate in the body). This helps to maintain Trenbolone 200 the pharmacological effect of daily intake at a standard dosage. Simultaneous reception of Trenbolone with other steroid anabolics leads to an increase in biologically active action.


Unlike the two above-described forms of Trenbolone, its cyclohexylmethyl carbonate modification, Parabolan, has a strong androgenic effect. Due to the increase in natural sex hormones in the blood, periods of fatigue during intense loads are significantly reduced, and physical strength increases. Like acetate, Parabolan does not accumulate in the body, which excludes overdoses or shifts in hormonal balance. After intake, the total metabolism increases, and water is effectively eliminated from the tissues, which will help the athlete fully prepare for the competition. The combination of anabolic and a course of a protein diet allows to achieve maximum results. Androgenic activity of the drug increases the elasticity and tone of blood vessels, reduces the toxic effect of lactic acid and accelerates recovery periods. Regular reception Parabolana contributes to the formation of regular forms Trenbolone 200 and rough contours of muscles, makes them more prominent and expressive. Simultaneous reception of all forms of Trenbolone with Oxandrolone helps to increase physical strength and duration of loads. An important feature of the rapid removal of excess fluid contributes to the effective build-up of muscle mass, the formation of anatomically correct and inflated musculature.


A significant increase in physical strength and muscle mass is noted with the combination of preparations of Trenbolone with injections of Winstrol.

Trenbolone: ​​application

The optimal concentration for a budding bodybuilder is 80-100 mg / cm 3 . Begin the reception of anabolics recommended with the most high-speed, acetate form. Side effects are unlikely, and the first symptoms should stop or change the steroid. At the initial stages it is not recommended to resort to the Trenboloneuse of enanthate forms due to a longer period of excretion. For maximum effectiveness, injections of 37.5-50 mg should be administered Trenbolone 200 up to twice daily in the absence of an allergic reaction to the injections produced.


Experienced athletes require the use of higher doses of steroids. In some cases, athletes with experience need to consume more than 350-500 mg of anabolics every day for a week.

The active intake of anabolics affects the libido. Therefore, it is necessary to combine injections of Trenbolone with the use of testosterone. Also, the athlete needs complex post-course therapy.

The standard course of Parabolan intake without additional testosterone injections is no more than 450-500 mg for 7 days. The duration of the course does not exceed 2 months. After each couple of weeks, you should pause for recovery. The use of enanthropic esters should not exceed 2 injections per week.


  • For the acetate form, the maximum allowable daily concentration should not exceed 50 mg. For enanthate ether, the parameters vary Trenbolone 200 significantly and amount to 300 mg per week.
  • The course of admission should begin with a minimum dosage. Smooth increase in the concentration of injections to exclude possible side effects, contributes to the systematic build-up of muscle mass without any damage to the body.
  • If there is nervousness, excessive sweating, as well as in the case of trenbolone use more than 4-5 weeks is recommended Gonadotropin after the second week of steroid therapy.

The use of gonadotropic hormones contributes to the launch of a natural process of producing testosterone. For preventive purposes, injections can be injected once every 7 days.

Important. Preparations of Trenbolone are intended for use exclusively by men. Women during training should exclude the use of such steroid drugs and concomitant androgenic hormones.

Side effects Trenbolone 200

In addition to useful properties, the drug can cause damage to the body. More often, this is observed with an incorrect course or individual characteristics of the body. In rare cases, the following negative manifestations are observed:

  • Disruption of the circadian cycle (insomnia).
  • Blood pressure jumps.
  • Short-term nervousness or apathy.
  • Increased moisture release.
  • Hair loss.
  • Increase in fat release on the skin.
  • In severe cases, testicular dysfunction is noted.

The combination of preparations of Trenbolone with testosterone boosters will exclude any manifestation of side effects. Also at the initial stages of the course, a Trenbolone 200 slight cough is possible. This is a sign of the manifestation of the biological action of the anabolic.

Trenbolone 200: reviews and price

The price will depend on the consumed concentration of anabolic in the injections, as well as on the side effects Trenbolone 200variation of the enanthrate and acetate forms. Despite the higher biological efficiency of the combined administration, some athletes prefer an exceptionally more accessible, acetate modification.

Trenbolone is in high demand among beginner bodybuilders and athletes with experience. High pharmacological activity, rapid achievement of results and rare cases of overdoses made the drug particularly in demand. Some athletes experienced a noticeable increase in muscle mass, an increase in physical strength and endurance after the first course of admission. Even prolonged administration with the correct dosage virtually Trenbolone 200 eliminates the appearance of undesirable effects. Despite the steroid nature, the drug Trenbolone practically does not influence the own level of testosterone and growth hormones. These distinctive features of the tool have contributed to the high appreciation of professional athletes around the world. 

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