Beginner’s Workout Guide for Women Looking to Build Muscle and Gain Weight

Beginner’s Workout Guide for Women Looking to Build Muscle and Gain Weight

Do you want to increase your strength and get a curvy, toned body workout guide for women, but don’t know where to start? Here is a great beginner’s strength training routine that will help you gain 2-3 lbs of lean muscle in the first few weeks (provided you eat enough protein and calories). Let’s get started!

workout guide for womenIn any great strength training routine, there are three basic exercises: the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press. These are the most important exercises because they work multiple muscles at once, they allow you lift heavy weights (because you’re using more muscles), and they help with functional fitness (meaning they help you do everyday things – like squatting down to pick up a child – more easily).

The downside to these three basic lifts is that they might be hard for beginners. Oftentimes they require special equipment, lots of practice, and maybe even a personal trainer to supervise beginner’s workout guide.

However, we’ve come up with some easier variations on these exercises that are doable for a beginner but also will challenge your muscles and get you on the path toward a strong, toned body. The lifts you’ll be focusing on for these workout guide for women routine are:

  • -the goblet squat (which works your biceps, shoulders, quadriceps, obliques, abs, calves, lower back, and butt)
  • -the dumbbell sumo deadlift (which works your thighs, forearms, back, and especially your butt)
  • -and the push up (which works your triceps, shoulders, chest and abs)

If you do all three moves, you’ll be working nearly every muscle in your body!

As you get stronger, you can add more weight to your lifts and add in more exercises to create a more sophisticated routine, but for now, we’ll start with these three.


Now that you’ve seen the moves, here is how you put them together into a routine. First, choose a weight for each exercise that allows you to complete no more than 15 reps.  If you use a lighter weight than that, you’ll be focusing on muscle endurance instead of strength, which is not what we want right now. Your actual reps will vary, but for each exercise you’ll want to complete 4-15 reps, with the optimal number of repetitions between 8-12.

It’s important to get close to failure on your last rep, but not totally to failure. You should still have good form on your last rep, but you should feel like your form would break down if you did one more rep.

Start with three workouts per week – maybe working out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The first week, do two sets of each exercise during every workout. The second week, do three sets. The third week, do four sets. After you’ve done three weeks, increase your weights and go back down to two sets, then do the cycle again. After you’ve completed two cycles, you will probably have gained strength and muscle and be ready for a more advanced workout guide for women routine.

Rest is important! Make sure to rest at least 1 minute between sets.

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