Anabolic steroid Oxymetholone 50

Anabolic steroid Oxymetholone 50

Pharmacological drugs can increase the physical potential of the athlete. These may Oxymetholone 50 be differently directed stimulants, adrenomimetics and anabolic steroids. More and more people are resorting to steroids in order to optimize their training process and life to a maximum. Even at low-level competitions, in any sport, most use anabolic steroids. This is not bad. In conditions of heavy physical exertion it is necessary to prevent the body from injury and improve efficiency. Anabolic steroids activate the corresponding processes of the body, which contributes to new achievements. In such circumstances, to abandon the use of pharmacology is a foolish and dishonest decision in relation to oneself.

What is oxymetholone 50?

Anabolic steroid  oxymetholone 50 in medicine is designed to treat anemia anemia. Also oxymetalone is used to protect against uncontrolled loss of muscle mass in immunodeficiency. Of course, the sports college noticed these effects and later projected them in the sport. Oksimetalon was used for rapid growth of mass and strength. Has found application in bodybuilding, powerlifting and other power sports.

It was opened in 1960 in Mexico. Granted to mass use already by the American company Syntex. Medical goals in the fight against anemia and the rapid loss of muscle mass have receded into the background. Oxymetalon has been used in various sports to increase strength and endurance. Successfully entrenched in those disciplines, where it is important to lift large weights.

Oxymetalone in bodybuilding is used in combination with other anabolic steroids to increase the Oxymetholone 50mass. An interesting practice of using a large steroid dosage, at the time of dehydration, before going on stage. In this case, there is a significant formation of venous conditions and the athlete has more advantages over rivals.

The substance is similar to the molecule of drostanolone ( master , master ). But in practice their effect is essentially different. The fact is that oxymetalone is able to directly affect the estrogen receptor. By its structure oxymetalon should not be aromatized, but water retention is still present. You can get rid of this by adjusting the dosage and combining it with other anabolic steroids. Suppress estrogenic activity is helped by standard practice with tamoxifen, clomid. Stenosolol, in turn, suppresses progestogen activity.

Oxymetalone is able to provide rapid recovery of the central nervous system during periods of heavy loads, increased appetite and eliminate pain in the joints due to fluid retention in the joint bags. By the way, the property of increasing appetite is clearly pronounced, and therefore oxymetalone is liked to include in massonabornye courses.

Effects of oxymetholone 50

  • 1. Increased muscle massWhat to say, this is one of the goals of creating this drug, which in medicine is actively used in the fight against rapid loss of weight in patients with immunodeficiency. In sport, this effect also had a success among bodybuilders.
  • 2. Increase in strength indicators. Oxymetalon is able to significantly increase the athlete’s physical potential, which is used in the fields of power sports, powerlifting. In combination with testosterone, the effect will be several times higher.
  • 3. Stimulation of appetite. Anabolic processes cause the body to require more nutrients to build muscle.
  • 4. Positive effect on the jointsThe drug improves the functionality of the joints due to the accumulation of fluid in the joint bags. Athletes note the removal of pain from old injuries, which allows you to train with more intensity. Increases the effectiveness of training.
  • 5. Increases the effectiveness of other steroids in the cycle. The fact is that oxymetalon reduces the level of globulin – a hormone that binds the sex hormones. As a result, the effect of other steroids is increasing.
  • 6. Burning fat. Studies have shown that oxymetalone in doses of 200-300 mg per day has a feature of burning subcutaneous fat. Nevertheless, from the use of the drug at the drying stage, you should refrain and choose a more cost-effective arsenal of pharmacology.
  • 7. Pumping. Oxymetalone in medicine is used in the treatment of anemia. This is due to the stimulation of the formation of new red blood cells – erythrocytes. As a result, the training session in the appropriate pumping mode provides the pumping effect.
  • 8. Occurrence of venous diseaseTo this effect, athletes resort to entering the stage, when the body is already dehydrated and there is no excess water in the body. Oxymetalon makes the muscles more juicy, and the bodybuilder on the stage looks more advantageous.

The general feeling of using oxymetalone 50 is a rapid increase in muscle mass, an increase in physical performance: strength and endurance. Stimulation of the blood leads to an increase in stamina and a pleasant fullness of the muscles. On the course of oxymetalone it makes sense to train in a multi-repeat mode, then the athletes note a crazy pumping. In addition to physical effects, anabolic steroid oximetalon improves quality of life, mood, drive to training. Gives energy to solve everyday difficulties. Gives confidence.

How to take oxymetholone 50?

The drug is presented in oral form, which makes it extremely convenient to use. It is easy to monitor the daily dosage and vary it depending on the goals and circumstances, assessing your own tolerability.

The standard dosage of oxymetholone is in the range of 50-150 mg in essence, that is, 1-3 tablets. On the other hand, there is an amazing tendency of no water retention at increased dosages. Without fear for side effects, the dosage can be raised to 200-300 mg per day.

The daily amount of the substance should be divided into 2 receptions: drink in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed.

With what to bind oxymetholone 50?

OxymetholoneThis anabolic steroid shows itself well in combination with other drugs. The ability to reduce the level of globulin significantly increases the effectiveness of combined courses on muscle mass gain.

The main trend of the combination is the use of oxymetalone together with drugs with pronounced genomic activity. It will look great testosterone enanthate , testosterone propionate , primobol , oxandrolone , trenbolone , boldever .

For muscle mass set oxymetalone combine with testoverom C, boldenone , primover , trenaver.

To increase the athlete’s power potential, oxymetalone is bound to various testosterone esters. You can also try to turn on the oxaver .

The drug is not aimed at drying courses. For this, other anabolic steroids are suitable.

The only undesirable companion of oxymetalone is nandrolone , which has a high progestogenic activity.

Yes, oxymetalone has a high progestogenic activity. Suppress it will help the inclusion in the cycle of anabolic steroids stanozolol .

It is not necessary to combine oxymetholone and methandrostenolone. This anabolic pair will significantly increase the weight of the athlete, but most of the recruited will have to go to the water. Plus, they are two oral steroids, which will increase the activity of the liver.

Side effects of oxymethalone 50

  • Oxymetalone has a high progestogenic activity. There may be a fluid retention, because the drug is not used in courses for drying. Quench progestagenic activity allows inclusion in the steroid stavera course – suppressing this activity.
  • To cancel estrogenic activity, a course therapy with tamoxifen or clomid is followed .
  • The negative effect on the liver of the oral steroid oximetalone was in fact not recorded. That is, the tablets affect the liver, increasing the activity of the organ. But there were no negative effects after a time. Because some refer the drug to more or less “soft” steroids.
  • The preparation oxymetalone, being a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, has a high activity in the skin of the head.


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